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Set Working Folder (File Menu)

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Sets a working folder for the currently selected project.

This command communicates to Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted where local copies of the files in that project are located, as well as where they should be placed when retrieved from the repository.

A working folder can be set at any level of the project tree hierarchy. If you set a working folder at a project and no working folder is set specifically for its subprojects, the working folders will be automatically inherited. Subprojects can also be individually configured to have a different working folder from the parent project.

If a working folder is not set for a project or any of its tree ancestors, then Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted will be unable to determine where the local files of this project are stored. In this case, Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted will prompt you for working folder each time you use a command that requires a working folder.

How to set working folder


If the desired working folder does not exist in the selection view, enter a folder name in the Name field and it will be created automatically.

A user may wish to unset a working folder if the folder is not part of the parent project's hierarchy. To unset a working folder, select a project and click Set Working folder button on the toolbar or choose the Set Working Folder command from the File menu. Clear the path in the Name field of the Set Working Folder dialog box and press OK. This project will now inherit a working folder from the parent project if available.