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Share (Source Menu)

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Shares a file among multiple projects. This commands enables a file or the entire project to be shared with other project(s).

You must have Share access right to both the source and destination projects to use this command.

To share a file, you create a share link between multiple projects. The file is then in two (or more) projects at the same time. When you change the shared file in any project, the changes will be reflected in all the other project(s). To display a list of all the projects that share a specific file, click the Links tab in the File Properties dialog box.

When you share a project, you create an entirely new project under the destination project you are sharing to. It is an exact duplicate of the source project. All the files in the new project are shared with the corresponding files in the source project, and changes in one are reflected in the other.

Note: Sharing a file does not increment the version number of the file.

How to share a project or file(s)