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Check In Dialog Box

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Updates the checked-out file with modifications made to it and creates a new version of the file(s).

Dialog Box Items


Specifies the local path of the checked-in file. You can type the full path directly in this textbox or click Browse to select one.

Recursive (project-level Check In only)

Checks in the project and all its descendants.

Note: The cloaked subprojects will not be checked in.

Override working folders (project-level Check In only)

Overrides the working folder set for the subprojects involved in a recursive operation. This is useful if you have some shared files checked out in more than one project, and want to check them all in at the same time. Available only when you select the Recursive check box.

Keep checked out

Updates the master copy with your changes but keeps the file checked out to you.

Remove local copy

Removes the local copy from your working folder after the check in.


Type a comment for the checkin. The length of the comment is limited to 3000 characters.


Checks in the file/project.


Closes the dialog box without checking in the file/project.