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Merge Branches Dialog Box

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Allows you to merge all the changes made in one branch of a file into another branch. This command works for files only.

Dialog Box Items

Projects with independent branches

Shows all independent branches of the selected file. Select the branch you want to merge changes from.

For example,

Projects with independent branches:
$/C         1->5
 --$/B         5->6

This means that there are 2 branches of this file; the first branch has moved from version 1 of the file to version 5, the second branch has the first as its parent (meaning that versions 1 through 5 of the file are the same in this branch), began its life at version 5 and was checked in once since then, moving it to version 6 currently.


Merges changes made in the selected branch into the file.


Closes the dialog box.


Shows all of the projects sharing the selected file.