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Project Difference

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Shows the project difference result. You can also see what is different within a file, and reconcile differences if desired.

Dialog Box Items

This dialog box is composed of two panes which show files in the compare project and to folder. This dialog also has its own toolbar, with buttons for adding files, deleting files, getting files, checking files out and in, undoing file check outs, viewing files, reconciling the differences , and more.

Results of the comparison are displayed as side-by-side panes listing files and subprojects alphabetically. The list of files in the right and left panes is filtered by the choices you made in the Show Differences command dialog. For example, if you choose to show only files that are different in both places, you will not see files that are the same.

There are four types of files which may appear in the lists.

Toolbar commands in this dialog generally work in the same way as the standard SourceAnywhere Standalone commands, but some work slightly differently, as follows:

Note: The first six commands are only available when comparing the working folder with the project in the repository.

If you use a mouse, you can access many of the preceding commands with the right mouse button. You can also perform Properties command and choose files to show through right mouse button.