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File Type Tab

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Options for file types stored in Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted.

Tab Items

File Groups

Lists file groups for users' work. These groups are displayed under List Files of Type in many Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted dialog boxes, and you can specify groups that filter the File List efficiently.

File Types

Shows the list of file types included in the currently selected file group under File Groups. To modify a specific group, select the group under File Groups, and then add or delete extensions in this box.

Add (File Groups)

Adds a new group of file types to the list. In the Add File Group dialog box, type a name for the new file group you want to add, such as "VC" or "VB."

Delete (File Groups)

Deletes the currently selected group.

Add (File Type)

Adds a file type to the list. Select a file group in the File Groups column, and then click this Add button to add a file type to the selected file group. In the Add File Type dialog box, type a name for the new file type, such as "cpp" or "txt".

Delete (File Type)

Deletes the currently selected file type.