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Login Dialog Box (General Tab)

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Tab Items

Organization ID

Type the organization ID that is part of your hosted service account identity.

User Name

Type the user name, which must be configured on the Users tab of Server Manager.


Type the password. Check Remember Password checkbox if you'd like the password of the user to be filled automatically at each login.

Connect to Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Server

Check this box if the client connects to the hosted server directly without using cache servers.


If this box  is checked, the client will connect to the secure port of hosted server using SSL encryption.

Connect through my Cache Server

If you have SourceAnywhere Hosted cache servers deployed at the client side, check this box  and the client will connect to the hosted server through your cache server.

Cache Server Address

Type the IP or domain name of your cache server.

Cache Server Port

Type the port of your cache server.