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Options (General Tab)

Options for general configuration.

Tab Items

Use compression for data transfer

Uses compression for data transfer. Using Dynam-Zlib, files are compressed before being transmitted and uncompressed when received. File compression is an optional feature.

Use delta transfer for data transfer

Uses Delta transfer technology to transfer data. In non-LAN connection, it can speed up the file transfer greatly.

Use read-only flag for files that are not checked out

Changes the write attribute of the local file copies to be read-only when you perform the following operations: Get Latest Version, Add, Check In, or Undo Check Out.

Replace writable files

Specifies the way to handle the writable local files.

Check in unchanged files

Specifies the way to handle unchanged files.

End-of-Line terminator

The EOL Terminator may need to be changed if the operating system where the working folders reside differs from the operating system Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Client is currently running on.

The options for end-of-line terminator are as follows:

Note: The EOL Terminator will not take effect if your local file copy is the same as that in the repository.

Temporary files

Note: Creating your Temp folder locally, rather than on the network, may increase the performance of Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted.


Confirms settings on this Tab and closes the dialog box.


Closes the dialog box without any change.