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The Users window allows you to manage users for all repositories in Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Server.

Each unique active user will be bound to a Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted license. The inactive user takes no license. Active users with the same name in different repositories will be regarded as one active user.

Window Items

User List

Lists all active users by default. You can uncheck the List only active users box to see all users in Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted, and select a group in the View users only in group dropdown list only to see the group members.


Adds a new user in Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted. Click Add to display the Add User dialog box.


Edits properties for the selected user. Click Edit to display  Edit User dialog box. Double clicking the selected user will also bring up the Edit User dialog box.

Set Password

Sets the password of the selected user. Click Set Password to display the Set User Password dialog box.


Displays all security right assignments of the selected user within a specified repository. Click Security to display the User Security dialog box.

Copy rights

Copies the rights created for another user to the selected user. Click Copy Right to display the Copy right dialog box. You can not copy rights from another user to the default user Admin.


Deletes the selected user from Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted. Select the user you want to delete and click this button. Multiple users can be selected by holding the Ctrl key.

Note: The default user Admin can not be deleted.