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Add Repository Dialog Box

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Adds a repository to the 'SourceAnywhere' database.

In the Repositories window, clicking Add button will bring up the following dialog box:

Dialog Box Items

Repository name

Specifies the name of the new added repository.


Specifies the description of the new added repository.

Allow multiple checkouts

Specifies whether allowing multiple people to check out one file simultaneously in the repository. If this option is checked and the exclusive lock in the client is not enabled, Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted will allow many people to check out the same mergeable file.

Comments required for checked in

Specifies whether comments are required for check-ins in the repository. If this option is checked, users must enter a comment for the check in command.

Enable Project Security

Specifies whether enabling project security rights for individual user and project in the repository. If this option is disabled, users will have their Default User Rights to projects.


Confirms the inputs and adds the repository.


Cancels the Add operation and closes the dialog box.