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Serial Numbers

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The Serial Numbers window allows you to manage SourceAnywhere licenses.

When SourceAnywhere is purchased, a 32 characters long serial number is issued. Each serial number is encoded with a certain number of licenses and an expiration date. However, permanent licenses will never expire.

There is an automatically configured 10-user serial number for 30 days evaluation after the installation.

To activate SourceAnywhere Server for long-term operation after the trial period expires, the trial serial number must be replaced by one or more permanent serial numbers. Multiple serial numbers are acceptable.

Note: If  the number of existing active users within the system exceeds the total number of licenses, SourceAnywhere will automatically deactivate part of users.

Window Items

Serial Number

Shows all serial numbers in use.


Shows the number of licensed users.

License Type

Shows the license type, such as Trial or Permanent.

License Expiration

Shows the last date after which the license can be no longer used.

Total number of valid licenses

Shows the number of all valid licenses.


To enter a serial number, press the Add button. Paste or type the serial number into the Serial Number field in the Add Serial Number dialog box and then press the OK button.


To replace a trial or prior version serial number, select the serial number to be replaced and then press the Edit button. Paste the new serial number over the old serial number in the Serial Number field of the Edit Serial Number dialog box and then press the OK button.


To delete an existing serial number, select the serial number and then press the Delete button.

Note: The default user Admin can use SourceAnywhere permanently even if there is no serial number.