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Error Code

For all programming languages

Erorr Code (except ObjC/Swift) Erorr Code (ObjC/Swift) Value Description
DM_OK EnumDMErrorCode_OK 0 Successful.
DMERR_UNKNOWN EnumDMErrorCode_Unknow -10000 Unknown error.
DMERR_NO_MEMORY EnumDMErrorCode_No_Memory -10001 Not enough memory to perform the operation.
DMERR_NULL_POINTER EnumDMErrorCode_Null_Pointer -10002 Null pointer.
DMERR_LICENSE_INVALID EnumDMErrorCode_License_Invalid -10003 The license is invalid.
DMERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND EnumDMErrorCode_File_Not_Found -10004 The file is not found.
DMERR_JSON_PARSE_FAILED EnumDMErrorCode_Json_Parse_Failed -10005 Failed to parse JSON string.
DMERR_JSON_TYPE_INVALID EnumDMErrorCode_Json_Type_Invalid -10006 The value type is invalid.
DMERR_JSON_KEY_INVALID EnumDMErrorCode_Json_Key_Invalid -10007 The key is invalid.
DMERR_JSON_VALUE_INVALID EnumDMErrorCode_Json_Value_Invalid -10008 The value is invalid or out of range.
DMERR_JSON_NAME_KEY_MISSING EnumDMErrorCode_Json_Name_Key_Missing -10009 The mandatory key “Name” is missing.
DMERR_JSON_NAME_VALUE_DUPLICATED EnumDMErrorCode_Json_Name_Value_Duplicated -10010 The value of the key “Name” is duplicated.
DMERR_PARAMETER_VALUE_INVALID EnumDMErrorCode_Parameter_Value_Invalid -10011 The parameter value is invalid or out of range.
DMERR_TEMPLATE_NAME_INVALID EnumDMErrorCode_Template_Name_Invalid -10012 The template name is invalid.
DMERR_LICENSE_EXPIRED EnumDMErrorCode_License_Expired -10013 The license has expired.
DLRERR_CHARACTER_MODEL_FILE_NOT_FOUND EnumDLRErrorCode_Character_Model_File_Not_Found -10014 The character model file is not found.
DMERR_SET_MODE_ARGUMENT_ERROR EnumDMErrorCode_Set_Mode_Argument_Error -10015 Failed to set mode’s argument.
DMERR_GET_MODE_ARGUMENT_ERROR EnumDMErrorCode_Get_MODE_Argument_Error -10016 Failed to set mode’s argument.
DMERR_TIFF_READ_FAILED EnumDMErrorCode_TIFF_Read_Failed -10017 Failed to read the TIFF image.
DMERR_PDF_READ_FAILED EnumDMErrorCode_PDF_Read_Failed -10021 Failed to read the PDF image.
DMERR_PDF_DLL_MISSING EnumDMErrorCode_PDF_DLL_Missing -10022 The PDF DLL is missing.
DLRERR_RECOGNITION_TIMEOUT EnumDLRErrorCode_Recognition_Timeout -10026 Recognition timeout.
DMERR_REQUESTED_FAILED EnumDMErrorCode_Requested_Failed -10044 Failed to request the license file.
DMERR_NO_LICENSE EnumDMErrorCode_No_License -20000 No license specified.
DMERR_HANDSHAKE_CODE_INVALID EnumDMErrorCode_Handshake_Code_Invalid -20001 The handshake code is invalid.
DMERR_LICENSE_BUFFER_FAILED EnumDMErrorCode_License_Buffer_Failed -20002 Failed to read or write license buffer.
DMERR_LICENSE_SYNC_FAILED EnumDMErrorCode_License_Sync_Failed -20003 Failed to synchronize license info with license tracking server.
DMERR_DEVICE_NOT_MATCH EnumDMErrorCode_Device_Not_Match -20004 Device does not match with license buffer.
DMERR_BIND_DEVICE_FAILED EnumDMErrorCode_Bind_Device_Failed -20005 Failed to bind device.
DMERR_LICENSE_INTERFACE_CONFLICT EnumDMErrorCode_License_Interface_Conflict -20006 Interface InitLicenseFromLTS can not be used together with other license initiation interfaces.
DMERR_LICENSE_CLIENT_DLL_MISSING EnumDMErrorCode_License_Client_DLL_Missing -20007 The license client dll is missing.
DMERR_INSTANCE_COUNT_OVER_LIMIT EnumDMErrorCode_Instance_Count_Over_Limit -20008 The number of instances used has exceeded the limit.
DMERR_LICENSE_INIT_SEQUENCE_FAILED EnumDMErrorCode_License_Init_Sequence_Failed -20009 Interface InitLicenseFromLTS has to be called before creating any SDK objects.
DMERR_TRIAL_LICENSE EnumDMErrorCode_Trial_License -20010 Using a trial license.

For specific programming languages


Erorr Code Value Description
DLR_SYSTEM_EXCEPTION 1 System exception.


Erorr Code Value Description
DLR_SYSTEM_EXCEPTION 1 System exception.

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