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Dynamsoft Label Recognizer SDK - LabelRecognizerParameter Object

Parameter Name Description
LabelRecognizerParameter.Name The name of the LabelRecognizerParameter object.
LabelRecognizerParameter.BinarizationModes Sets the mode and priority for binarization.
LabelRecognizerParameter.CharacterModelName Sets the name of a white list of recognizable characters.
LabelRecognizerParameter.ColourConversionModes Sets the mode and priority for converting a colour image to a grayscale image.
LabelRecognizerParameter.CharacterNormalizationModes Sets the mode and priority for character normalization.
LabelRecognizerParameter.DictionaryCorrectionThresholds Sets the threshold of dictionary error correction.
LabelRecognizerParameter.DictionaryPath Sets the path of the dictionary file.
LabelRecognizerParameter.GrayscaleEnhancementModes Sets the mode and priority for grayscale image preprocessing algorithms.
LabelRecognizerParameter.GrayscaleTransformationModes Sets the mode and priority for the grayscale image conversion.
LabelRecognizerParameter.LetterHeightRange Sets the range of letter height (in pixel or a percentage value relative to the height of the text area).
LabelRecognizerParameter.LineStringLengthRange Sets the range of string length for each recognized line.
LabelRecognizerParameter.LineStringRegExPattern Specifies the regular expression pattern of each line string text in current image to recognize.
LabelRecognizerParameter.MaxLineCharacterSpacing Sets the maximum spacing between characters treated as one line.
LabelRecognizerParameter.MaxThreadCount Sets the maximum number of threads the algorithm will use to recognize text.
LabelRecognizerParameter.Pages Sets the specific pages or the range of pages of a file (.tiff or .pdf) for label recognition.
LabelRecognizerParameter.ReferenceRegionNameArray The name array of the ReferenceRegion object(s).
LabelRecognizerParameter.RegionPredetectionModes Sets the region pre-detection mode for label recognition.
LabelRecognizerParameter.ScaleUpModes Sets the mode and priority to control the scale-up process for text line with small letter height.
LabelRecognizerParameter.TextStringLengthRange Sets the range of string length for each recognized text area.
LabelRecognizerParameter.TextRegExPattern Specifies the regular expression pattern of the text to recognize.
LabelRecognizerParameter.TextureDetectionModes Sets the mode and priority for texture detection.
LabelRecognizerParameter.Timeout Sets the maximum amount of time (in milliseconds) that should be spent searching for labels on each page.

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