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Dynamsoft Label Recognition - C Functions


Method Description
DLR_GetErrorString Returns the error string.
DLR_GetVersion Returns the version number string for the SDK.



Method Description
DLR_CreateInstance Creates a Dynamsoft Label Recognition instance.
DLR_DestroyInstance Destroys an instance of Dynamsoft Label Recognition.
DLR_InitLicense Sets the license and activates the SDK.
DLR_InitLTSConnectionParameters Initializes a DM_LTSConnectionParameters struct with default values.
DLR_InitLicenseFromLTS Initializes the label recognition license and connects to the specified server for online verification.



Method Description
DLR_GetRuntimeSettings Gets the current settings and saves it into a struct.
DLR_UpdateRuntimeSettings Updates runtime settings with a given struct.
DLR_ResetRuntimeSettings Resets the runtime settings.
DLR_AppendSettingsFromString Appends LabelRecognitionParameter settings in a string to the SDK object.
DLR_AppendSettingsFromFile Appends LabelRecognitionParameter settings in a file to the SDK object.
DLR_OutputSettingsToFile Outputs LabelRecognitionParameter settings into a file (JSON file).
DLR_ClearAppendedSettings Clears appended LabelRecognitionParameter settings.
DLR_UpdateReferenceRegionFromBarcodeResults Updates reference region which is defined with source type DLR_LST_BARCODE.
DLR_GetModeArgument Get argument value for the specified mode parameter.
DLR_SetModeArgument Set argument value for the specified mode parameter.



Method Description
DLR_RecognizeByBuffer Recognizes text from memory buffer containing image pixels in defined format.
DLR_RecognizeByFile Recognizes text from a specified image file.



Method Description
DLR_GetAllDLRResults Gets all recognized results.
DLR_FreeDLRResults Frees memory allocated for recognized results.


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