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SourceAnywhere Standalone - Best Visual SourceSafe Replacement with Expert Service
The Best Visual SourceSafe Replacement and the Best Expert Service

How SourceAnywhere Standalone works

  • Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone uses Microsoft SQL Server as the backend. All the repository data is stored in SQL Server.

  • SourceAnywhere Standalone Server needs to be installed in the same LAN or the same machine as the SQL Server. The SourceAnywhere Standalone server handles the requests from SourceAnywhere clients, and fetches the data from or stores the data into SQL Server.
  • You can use the SourceAnywhere Standalone client of your choice to access your files. You can choose to use GUI client, IDE integration or command line client. SourceAnywhere Standalone supports Visual Studio (MSSCCI), Dreamweaver and Eclipse integration. Cross-platform clients are available. SDK is provided for you to build your own client.

  • Standard TCP/IP protocol is used to communicate between the server and the client. You can also specify the IP port number.

  • You can also deploy the optional cache server. If the cache server is deployed at the server side, the cache server takes part of the workload from the SourceAnywhere Standalone server and makes the server handle more clients. If you have distributed team, you can also deploy the cache server at your remote location. This way, the cache server reduces the file transferred through the internet and greatly improves the remote access performance.

  • This is the architecture of SourceAnywhere Standalone:

Visual SourceSafe alternative SourceAnywhere Standalone Architecture