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How to customize the display language of Dynamic Web TWAIN ?

You can customize the displayed language in dynamsoft.webtwain.config.js .

Dynamsoft.DWT.CustomizableDisplayInfo = {

    errorMessages: {

        // launch
        ERR_MODULE_NOT_INSTALLED: 'Error: The Dynamic Web TWAIN module is not installed.',
        ERR_BROWSER_NOT_SUPPORT: 'Error: This browser is currently not supported.',
        ERR_CreateID_MustNotInContainers: 'Error: Duplicate ID detected for creating Dynamic Web TWAIN objects, please check and modify.',
		ERR_CreateID_NotContainer: 'Error: The ID of the DIV for creating the new DWT object is invalid.',
        ERR_DWT_NOT_DOWNLOADED: 'Error: Failed to download the Dynamic Web TWAIN module.',

        // image view
        limitReachedForZoomIn: "Error: You have reached the limit for zooming in",
        limitReachedForZoomOut: "Error: You have reached the limit for zooming out",

        // image editor
        insufficientParas: 'Error: Not enough parameters.',
        invalidAngle: 'Error: The angle you entered is invalid.',
        invalidHeightOrWidth: "Error: The height or width you entered is invalid.",
        imageNotChanged: "Error: You have not changed the current image."


    // launch
    generalMessages: {
        checkingDWTVersion: 'Checking WebTwain version ...',
        updatingDService: 'Dynamsoft Service is updating ...',
        downloadingDWTModule: 'Downloading the Dynamic Web TWAIN module.',
        refreshNeeded: 'Please REFRESH your browser.',
        downloadNeeded: 'Please download and install the Dynamic Web TWAIN.',
        DWTmoduleLoaded: 'The Dynamic Web TWAIN module is loaded.'

    customProgressText: {

        // html5 event
        upload: 'uploading...',
        download: 'Downloading...',
        load: 'Loading...',
        decode: 'Decoding...',
        decodeTIFF: 'Decoding tiff...',
        decodePDF: 'Decoding pdf...',
        encode: 'Encoding...',
        encodeTIFF: 'Encoding tiff...',
        encodePDF: 'Encoding pdf...',

        // image control
        canvasLoading: 'Loading ...'

    // image editor
    buttons: {
        titles: {
            'previous': 'Previous Image',
            'next': 'Next Image',
            'print': 'Print Image',
            'scan': 'Acquire new Image(s)',
            'load': 'Load local Image(s)',
            'rotateleft': 'Rotate Left',
            'rotate': 'Rotate',
            'rotateright': 'Rotate Right',
            'deskew': 'Deskew',
            'crop': 'Crop Selected Area',
            'cut': 'Cut Selected Area',
            'changeimagesize': 'Change Image Size',
            'flip': 'Flip Image',
            'mirror': 'Mirror Image',
            'zoomin': 'Zoom In',
            'originalsize': 'Show Original Size',
            'zoomout': 'Zoom Out',
            'stretch': 'Stretch Mode',
            'fit': 'Fit Window',
            'fitw': 'Fit Horizontally',
            'fith': 'Fit Vertically',
            'hand': 'Hand Mode',
            'rectselect': 'Select Mode',
            'zoom': 'Click to Zoom In',
            'restore': 'Restore Orginal Image',
            'save': 'Save Changes',
            'close': 'Close the Editor',
            'removeall': 'Remove All Images',
            'removeselected': 'Remove All Selected Images'
    dialogText: {
        dlgRotateAnyAngle: ['Angle :', 'Interpolation:', 'Keep size', '  OK  ', 'Cancel'],
        dlgChangeImageSize: ['New Height :', 'New Width :', 'Interpolation method:', '  OK  ', 'Cancel'],
        saveChangedImage: ['You have changed the image, do you want to keep the change(s)?', '  Yes  ', '  No  '],
        selectSource: ['Select Source:', 'Select', 'Cancel', 'There is no source available!']

To customize the service installation pop up click here.

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