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How to install Dynamic Web TWAIN?
What if I am installing over a previous version of the Dynamic Web TWAIN?
Can I install Dynamsoft Service silently?
How to uninstall Dynamic Web TWAIN?
How to customize the Dynamsoft Service installer?
What does Dynamsoft Service do?
How to change the certificate of the Dynamsoft Service?
How to set the configuration of the Dynamsoft Service?
How to restart the Dynamsoft Service?
How to exclude WIA sources in the source list?
Is it necessary to call Dynamsoft.DWT.Load manually?
Where can I get the WebTWAIN instance(s) ?
How can I customize the WebTWAIN instance(s) ?
How do you configure the scan?
How many images can be scanned?
How do you use Custom DataSource Data?
How do you use Capability Negotiation?
How do you use a custom capability?
How to select a scanner by its name?
How to scan only a selected region?
How to enable remote scan?
How is the upload done?
Is SSL supported?
Can I upload multiple images as one file?
Can I upload multiple images as separate files in one go?
Can I upload the file as a base64 string?
How to specify the images to upload?
Can I change the header of the HTTP form?
Can I change the fields of the HTTP form?
Can I change the default field name of the file?
Can I show my own upgrade progress bar?
How do I know whether the upload succeeded?
Can I limit the size of the uploaded file?
Can I upload a big file in segments?
What are all the APIs Dynamic Web TWAIN provides for HTTP upload?
How to reduce the size of a resulting file?
How can I customize a resulting TIFF file?
How to hide the progress bar?
How to display the thumbnail viewer?
How to show or hide the Image Editor?
Is the Image Editor compatible across all platforms?
How to customize the installation dialog?
Can I OCR multiple languages at the same time?
Can I OCR multiple zones at the same time?
What is a LicenseChecker?
Comparison between OCR Basic and OCR Pro
How to improve the OCR accuracy?
When shall I use PDF Rasterizer?
When is PDF Rasterizer effective?
How to automatically deskew an image?
How to insert images to a specified index?
How to detect and discard blank pages automatically?
How to change the location or to rename the ‘Resources’ folder with Dynamic Web TWAIN?
How to customize the display language of Dynamic Web TWAIN?
How to customize the image editor?

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