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HTTP request error

  • Symptom

When you upload images via HTTP Put, you may get this error.

  • Cause

    • The problem may occur if the write permission is not provided on the server.
    • If you use Tomcat, because the value of the readonly property is false by default, the HTTP Put operation is not allowed.
  • Solution

    • Check the write permission at the server.

      • Start Internet Information Services (IIS).
      • Click Web Sites.
      • Right-click the specified work folder, select Properties.
      • Select the Write option at the Directory tab.
    • If you are using Tomcat, the doPut() will check to see if the readonly property has been changed to false. If it has not, the HTTP Put operation is not allowed. Please go to {Tomcat installation directory} -> conf -> web.xml, find the default servlet configuration (org.apache.catalina.servlets. DefaultServlet) and change the readonly property to true .


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