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Handling Errors

Source is connected to the maximum supported number of applications

  • Symptom

    When you try to acquire images, you may get this error.

  • Cause

    The problem may occur when the source is not disabled completely after a transfer ends or is used by other applications.

  • Resolution

    • Check whether another application is using the source. If yes, close it and try again.
    • Set IfDisableSourceAfterAcquire to true and use CloseSource() to make sure that the source is closed after a scanning session.

      function btnScan_onclick() {
          DWObject.RegisterEvent("OnPostAllTransfers", function() {
          DWObject.CloseSource(); //close source before open
          DWObject.IfDisableSourceAfterAcquire = true; //close source after acquiring

      Reboot your device.

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