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First released: 03-21-2022


  • The same camera enhancer instance can now be used by multiple products.
Versions Available Editions
2.3.1 JavaScript



First released: 12-16-2021


  • Added class scan region configuration APIs and RegionDefinition for users to set the region of interest. The frames will be cropped based on the scan region to accelerate further frame processing.
  • Fast mode setting parameters are opened for users to set via updateAdvancedSettings. The fast mode will be more flexible.
Versions Available Editions
2.1.3 Android / iOS
2.1.1 Android / iOS
2.1.0 Android / iOS / JavaScript



First released: 10-19-2021


  • Simplified the usage of camera-control APIs. The new APIs are easier to use and covers more scenarios.
  • Simplified the usage of camera enhancer features. Users can enable all required features via the method enableFeatures by inputting the combined enumeration value.
  • Extended the features of DCECameraView. Users can add and personalize the overlays and viewfinder on the camera UI.
  • Extended the features of DCEFrame. DCEFrame will store more frame information to cover more scenarios. In addition, the method toBitmap/toUIImage is added to enable users to convert DCEFrame to a system built-in image object.
Versions Available Editions
2.0.0 JavaScript / Android / iOS


1.x Versions



First released: 04-29-2021


  • Dynamsoft Camera Enhancer is released. The following features are available:
    • Video Buffer
    • Frame Filter
    • Fast Mode
    • Auto-Zoom
    • Enhanced-Focus
Versions Available Editions
1.0.3 Android / iOS
1.0.1 Android / iOS
1.0.0 Android / iOS

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