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Introduction to Dynamsoft Barcode Reader .NET Edition

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader (DBR) SDK .NET Edition is a barcode reading tool designed specifically for .NET developers.

Leveraging the efficiency and flexibility of the .NET language, DBR .NET Edition provides rich APIs for developers to easily integrate barcode reading functionality into your .NET applications. Please take a look at API Reference to see details.

As one of the functional products of the Dynamsoft Capture Vision (DCV) framework, DBR is also designed to seamlessly integrate with other DCV components and provide developers with a comprehensive set of image processing tools, which cover image capturing, content understanding, result parsing, and interactive workflow. If you are building such a capturing and processing solution, take a look at Introduction to Dynamsoft Capture Vision.

Furthermore, DBR provides a powerful parameter system in order to cope with various scenarios. Read Parameter Reference for details.

Getting Started with DBR .NET Edition

The best way to start with the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader .NET Edition, is following the User Guide to build your first barcode reading application. Please note that the system requirements is as below:

System Requirements

  • Windows:
    • Supported Versions: Windows 7 and higher, or Windows Server 2003 and higher
    • Architecture: x64 and x86
    • Development Environment: Visual Studio 2012 or higher.
  • Linux:
    • Supported Distributions: Ubuntu 14.04.4+ LTS, Debian 8+, CentOS 6+
    • Architectures: x64
    • Minimum GLIBC Version: GLIBC_2.18 or higher
  • Supported .NET versions
    • .NET Framework 3.5 and above
    • .NET 6, 7, 8

API Reference

License Subscription

To develop and run your application with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK, you need an active license key:

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