Dynamic Web TWAIN helps Aquarium Software's clients scan and upload documentations directly from their web solution

About Aquarium Software

Our company is Aquarium Software Limited. We provide the leading web based business process management solution for clients in markets varying from financial claims through to personal injury cases and insurance claims.

Introduce the application which now integrates Dynamic Web TWAIN

Aquarium is highly configurable solution that enables its users to define the process through which their business flows - from initial client contact through to business completion and payment. The user defines each step along that lifecycle, whether it is a telephone call to the client or a signed document being received through the post, each step is recorded, added to the audit trail and responded to appropriately.

Technology challenges you were facing

For receipt of documentation, the user has the ability to scan copies locally and upload them as electronic images into their case history. Alternatively they could download and install a local application that would support the immediate uploading of the scanned documentation.

However, this defeated one of the original challenges that were set out when Aquarium was founded in 2006. The software was to be provided as a service and therefore the downloading and installation of software was to be avoided.

How does Dynamic Web TWAIN help?

The Dynamic Web TWAIN supports us in being able to allow our clients to scan and upload their documentation directly from our web solution. In fact we now have clients who simply plug in their iPhone, photograph their document and upload it directly. It is very quick and simple indeed.

How do your clients like the application?

The system is in use at over 70 clients, many of whom are uploading hundred's of documents per day. They are delighted with the simplicity and flexibility of the solution.

Edward Shropshire
Director - Aquarium Software Limited

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