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Product Overview

Document Scanning SDK to Rapidly Deploy Your Web Applications

Barcode Scan SDK
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Reliable Browser-Based Document Scanning SDK

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a browser-based document scanning SDK specifically designed for web applications. With just a few lines of JavaScript code, you can develop robust applications to scan documents in all common web browsers.

Scan Documents from Various Devices

Supported Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Enterprise-grade Document Scanning Mobile Web Capture Powerful and Customizable Features
Barcode Scan SDK

Enterprise-grade Document Scanning

Scan Tens of Thousands of Pages in One Session

  • Proprietary Disk Caching mechanism which enables unlimited document scanning in one session
  • 64-bit service available to handle large data with high performance

High Speed Document Scanning

  • All time-consuming APIs can be called asynchronously
  • Built-in triggerable procedural events to streamline business workflow
mobile web capture

Mobile Web Capture for iOS and Android

Seamless Transition to Mobile Document Scanning

  • Add one line of code to create a consistent document scanning experience from desktop to mobile browsers
  • Ready to use UI for image capture and editing, save as multiple image formats, secure server upload on iOS and Android devices
  • Zero footprint. End users don’t need to install anything
  • Automatic document border detection and crop

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Barcode Scan SDK

Powerful and Customizable Features

Built-in Viewer and Editing Features

  • Customizable image viewer with cross browser support
  • Built-in UI to support advanced features like text annotation, zooming, de-skewing, and more

Export and Upload

  • Multiple built-in compression algorithms, such as JPEG encoding for TIFF, to significantly reduce the file size
  • Supports various file formats, transfer protocols, and file systems for saves to local or network repositories
  • Supports chunked uploading and behind the scenes and multi-thread uploading when the data size is large

A Host of Strong Security Features

To ensure your data is safe, Dynamic Web TWAIN offers:

  • Built-in HTTPS support with configurable SSL certificate
  • Digital signature
  • Data encryption
  • Authorization required for accessing local files
  • All cached data will be deleted upon unexpected SDK closures
  • And at least a dozen other security mechanisms.
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Strong Security

See It in Action

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Easy Integration

Easy Integration


Angular, JavaScript, jQuery, VBScript, HTML5, HTML, etc. Compatible with any JavaScript framework (AngularJS, ReactJS, Node.js, Vue.js)


Nginx, IIS, Tomcat, Apache, ASP.NET (C#/VB.NET),
PHP, JSP, ASP, and more

Easy Integration

Easy End-User Distribution

  • X-Copy deployment — no on-server installation needed
  • Supports cookie and session integration for HTTP image uploading
  • MSI installer available for IT managers to do batch installations for an entire network
Easy End-user Distribution

Powerful Add-Ons to Meet All Image Capture Needs

Easily integrate essential add-ons as your document management needs grow or future-proof your application now.

  • Barcode Reader

    Industrial-grade scanning for popular 1D and 2D barcodes

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  • Webcam Capture

    Capture images from video streams of DirectShow-compatible webcams

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  • PDF Rasterizer

    Conveniently convert the text in PDF files to image files

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  • OCR Recognition

    Recognize text in images to make it editable and save the output as a PDF, text file or string.

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