Document Web Capture from Scanners

Browser-Based Document Scanning SDK to Rapidly Deploy Your Web Applications

Document Scannig SDK
5300+ companies trust Dynamic Web TWAIN
  • 5300+ companies trust Dynamic Web TWAIN
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Cross-platform, Cross-browser Document Scanning SDK

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a browser-based document scanning SDK that’s designed for speed, security, and scale.​ With just a few lines of JavaScript, you can develop robust applications to scan documents in all common web browsers.

Comprehensive support of scanner drivers including TWAIN, WIA, ICA, SANE and eSCL.

Cross-browser support on Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile.

Directly scan from within Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and other mainstream browsers.

Enterprise-level Document Scanning

Enterprise-level Document Scanning

Scan Tens of Thousands of Pages
  • Proprietary Disk Caching for unlimited document scanning in a session
  • 64-bit service available to handle large data
Scan Documents with Unmatched Speed
  • Time-consuming APIs can be called asynchronously
  • ​Trigger-driven events to streamline business workflows
Out-of-the-Box Image Editing

Out-of-the-Box Image Editing

Built-in Viewer and Editing
  • Customizable image viewer
  • Built-in UI for text annotation, zooming and de-skewing
Export and Upload
  • Multiple Compression algorithms to reduce file size, including JPG encoding for TIF​
  • Save to PDF, BMP, TIF, JPG or PNG on local or network drives
  • Chunked or multi-threaded uploading to handle large data
Ensuring Security of Your Data

Ensuring Security of Your Data

Your data stays secure and stays within your network

  • Built-in HTTPS support with configurable SSL certificate​
  • Digital signature
  • Data encrypted in-transit and at rest
  • Authorization required for accessing local files​
  • Cached data deleted upon unexpected SDK closures

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Build a Proof-of-Concept in an Hour

Build a Proof-of-Concept in an Hour

Over 60 sample projects to help you quickly create a customized POC.

Easy Integration
  • Client: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5. Supports JavaScript frameworks (AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js), jQuery
  • Server: Nginx, IIS, Tomcat, and Apache; ASP.NET (C#/VB.NET), PHP, Node.js, JSP, ASP, and more
Fast Distribution
  • X-Copy deployment — no on-server installation needed​
  • MSI installer — do batch installations for an entire network

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