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Version Control Solution
We needed to support all sorts of barcodes etc., even in the most challenging conditions e.g., low lighting, glare reflection, blurred barcodes, or low-resolution cameras etc. So needed a tool/scanner that will be able to scan barcodes and QR codes of all sizes, in any condition easily, quickly and accurately. We had tried a few different SDKs but found that Dynamsoft’s had the best performance in comparison. Also support from the Dynamsoft team was good."

— Ling Yau

Head of Marketing, OK Systems Limited

Technology | Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

It is time-consuming and costly to develop a comprehensive image capture application. Dynamsoft's ImageCapture Suite SDK eliminated these time and cost concerns. We were efficiently able to meet our client's needs for a good document scanning application. We ended up liking it so much, we also used it for our own software offering."

— George Steimer

TSG Product Manager

Healthcare | Dynamic Web TWAIN

Our main goal in processing of excise duty and VAT refund applications was to make the process of document management easier, faster and secure for us and our clients. Thanks to Dynamsoft's SDK, we optimized that process."

— Rafał Sumiński

Owner, Tax Solution

Financial Services | Dynamic Web TWAIN

We chose the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for its quality, speed and pricing model. Our mobile app needs to decode and parse information from a driver's license that we use to connect to several public and private databases to append additional information. Speed and accuracy are paramount for our clients."

— Jim Kalogerakos

President of STAT Analytics & Technology Inc.

Transportation | Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

If you're going to try and tackle cross-browser scanning support on your own, you better be prepared to have a full time dedicated team for the job because browser technologies changes quickly. As a result, it's a no-brainer to instead purchase an SDK that can cut months to years of development time. And then there are the cost-savings. A good SDK can help significantly curb both development and support costs. This is what Dynamsoft's Dynamic Web TWAIN helped us realize for our es.capture and es.content solutions."

— Stephanie Azarian

Expertise and Solutions, Everteam.mea

Financial Services | Dynamic Web TWAIN

With our small team, we could not have completed WebLink ID's development in a timely fashion if we tried to also develop our own image capture interface. So we turned to Dynamsoft for an image capture SDK and it helped us deliver our application to market far quicker than anticipated. Honestly, the SDK was a primary driver to achieving good time to market and other revenue opportunities sooner."

— Kevin Freiburger

Director of Product Management, VALID USA

Education, Government/Non-Profit, Transportation | Dynamic Web TWAIN

We are excited about how well Dynamic Web Twain is helping our intranet application. Our users have to process documents from walk-up clients. Previously this was a manually intensive process where the user would have to go to a copier to make physical copies which would later be scanned into the system elsewhere, often several days later. Using Dynamic Web Twain we are greatly streamlining the process, so that the user can immediately scan the documents into our system via a web page we're providing. Our managers are expecting great time savings."

— Chip Davis

Technology | Dynamic Web TWAIN

It's always important to consider all options when you start to develop an application and this includes identifying third-party resources that can help, like SDKs. In the end, the Dynamsoft SDK we opted for to integrate scanning functions was easy to use. It practically did it all for us in a few hours. This was far preferred over us spending a year to do it ourselves. One also then needs to consider who knows how much more time might be spent to support your own scanning module. The Dynamsoft SDK easily removes these concerns."

— Lucas Segers Fabro

Senior Programmer, Serget

Construction/Engineering | Dynamic Web TWAIN

We've actually completed our evaluation process several months ago and we are just on the verge of getting our second customer productive in the moment. Our first customer, being productive since December, is very satisfied with our new Dynamsoft Dynamic Web TWAIN based web scanning solution. Their old heavy-weight scanning solution is almost obsolete, already."

— Christian

European IT Consultancy EITCO GmbH

Technology | Dynamic Web TWAIN

Right away, we knew better than to get into the business of developing our own TWAIN plugin – that would be disastrous to saving time and money. So, for the document management web app we were developing, we turned to Dynamsoft for a complete TWAIN plugin solution. Long story short, it helped us achieve a full-featured application in a month instead of a year."

— Ezra Barth-Rogers

Director, WholeLife Software

Technology | Dynamic Web TWAIN

You are already good! Easy to implement as part of our application and works well! The program works well in all browsers & has the ability to scan multiple docs at once (ADF support)."

— Praveen Cheruku

Programmer, Eyefinity

Healthcare | Dynamic Web TWAIN

I have to say that I am really impressed with your company and its support. As a web marketing consultant (in addition to ColdFusion developer), several things impressed me about your companies actions since I download the trial a month ago. First, Catherine's regular emails asking me how the evaluation is going are very effective. Second, the chat system was very helpful each time I had a problem. Third, your software works very well. Using your online example page, I was able to copy it into my system, disable things I did not need and get my project done rather quickly."

— James Steubing

Steubing Local Search

Technology | Dynamic Web TWAIN

On behalf of a local, Central European speculative startup project we were tasked with building a solution for completing insurance claims overseas. We chose Dynamic Web TWAIN because we found it is easy to trial, then implement. It worked for us right "out of the box" and we could integrate it easily with the product. Using their solution, we avoided 3 manual steps that we believed discouraged prospective clients adopting our software. Aside from the technical aspects, Dynamsoft's support and sales team were also accommodating, allowing us to structure a deal that satisfied the client. "

— Eric Hofer


Financial Services | Dynamic Web TWAIN

I am VERY happy with Dynamic Web Twain. It really is a great product and it was perfect for our needs. Our company does public land auctions throughout the state of Michigan. Our on-site checkout process is a web-based tool and DWT is perfect for integrating document scanning into our database and workflow."

— Lucas Middleton

Title-Check LLC

Corporate Services, Government/Non-Profit | Dynamic Web TWAIN

I thought integrating TWAIN in an internal ASP.NET application was going to be extremely time consuming until I found the WebTWAIN SDK. This took our project from questionable due to development costs to doable!"

— Michael Gabriele

Chartright Air Group

Transportation | Dynamic Web TWAIN

In my 17 years of web programming, Dynamsoft provided me the best customer service experience and Web TWAIN was the easiest and most powerful control I have ever worked with. This is how a software company should be ran."

— James Steubing

Steubing Local Search

Technology | Dynamic Web TWAIN

Thank the rep who helped me out with my issue. She was by far one of the most knowledgeable persons I've dealt with via any chat on any site" "Good to see the people you guys employ there are both patient and in-the-know. Other than that, product is working great and meeting our needs, keep up the good work. "

— Justin Jamour

Application Developer - Netchemia, LLC

Education | Dynamic Web TWAIN

With our strong research, planning and use of innovative technologies like Dynamsoft's Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK, today we have a product that has been adopted by major users without hiccups. We practically have no pendency for issue resolutions and that's a satisfying state to be in."

— Romil Kulshreshtha

Founder, Sunero Technologies

Corporate Services, Financial Services | Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamsoft's Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK is well supported with good documentation, which helped us avoid any big development obstacles, as a result, we were able to develop our DigiPaper document management application really fast-in just one month."

— Rodrigo Enrione Fuentes

General Manager, Sopytec

Corporate Services | Dynamic Web TWAIN

We debated whether to directly use the TWAIN and WIA interfaces but, when we also estimated the time we'd have spent just to learn the subject matter, looking at an SDK made more and more sense. When we researched our SDK options, Dynamsoft's SDK features and license price proved to be the best solution."

— Roni Zaharia

Founder, H.R.Z. Software

Healthcare | Dynamic Web TWAIN

I actually purchased the .net twain sdk and was able to rapidly deploy a document imaging/management application practically in a couple of days. I was on a very tight deadline to get this done and the thought of having to code a twain scanner app from a blank c# form was undesirable to say the least."

— Wayne Hebert

AIM Technologies

Technology | Dynamic .NET TWAIN

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a good solution to integrate scanning into a Web application."

— Sidi-Mahmoud


Technology | Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamic Web Twain simplified scanning on the web, giving a necessary tool to play in a field dominated by large companies with huge budgets. Thanks Dynamsoft for creating such a stable, affordable and quality product that plays nice with the big name browsers."

— Jonathan Elliott

Sonop Software Corp (Saint Petersburg, FL)

Technology | Dynamic Web TWAIN

Our younger developers would have said 'YOU ROCK!' but I'll stick with 'Great Product!'."

— Rich Connor

Pioneer Technology Group

Technology | Dynamic Web TWAIN

You guys are lifesavers! It worked out perfectly for a project that I had absolutely no idea how I was going to handle. Saved me a ton of work!"

— Ray Childs

Bottlerocket Mfg

Entertainment | Dynamic Web TWAIN

It has been exactly what I was looking for. I just started creating PowerShell scripts of any measurable substance and it quickly became obvious that my lack of version control had to be addressed. I needed something simple, that just worked, and integrated with Sapien PowerShell Studio 2012. I couldn't be happier that I found DynamSoft and SourceAnywhere Hosted. "

— Andy Martin

Huntington Internal Medicine Group

Healthcare | Version Control Solution

We're loving it. It's doing everything we're expecting of a source control tool."

— Tom Meeus

CTO, Crisalis LLC

Technology | Version Control Solution

Having offsite source safe control is of a great benefit to us. I run many projects, with distributed developers in the USA, UK, India and abroad. I like the product a lot. The product works well and is responsive."

— Dr. Gene Conroy-Jones

Director, Think Jones Ltd

Technology | Version Control Solution

Every once in a while it dawns on me that the support tools we use and depend on every single working day – SourceAnywhere and IssueTracking – are taken for granted despite the fact that they function reliably for years on end. As a developer, I know that's not easy to do." "Thanks for keeping the system going and for not pulling a Microsoft and changing the interface every 15 minutes or so."

— Greg Ware

New Energy Technology

Energy | Version Control Solution

Our company is using multisite development centers with the head office in Toronto and implementation development house in Beijing, China. We are using Visual Source Safe as our source control tool and for remote access from China we were using VSS Connect from VoxCode. But once we start Mac development, we find out that VSS Connect doesn't support Mac platform, so we decided to switch to your product SourceAnywhere. SourceAnywhere not just solved this problem but also much faster for slow connection that we experience with China."

— Alex Lemelev

VP Engineering, Storage Appliance

Construction/Engineering | Version Control Solution

We were using SourceSafe and it wasn’t meeting the needs of our geographically distributed development teams. SourceAnywhere solved that problem, and we had it up and running in one hour."

— Andy Hurst

Software Developer, JMP ENGINEERING INC.

Construction/Engineering | Version Control Solution

I will definitely recommend your software, not only because I believe it does a great job at something Microsoft should have done to begin with, but also because you are very responsive."

— Paul Taylor

Programming Manager, TraPac

Manufacturing | Version Control Solution

Source Anywhere standalone is actually the best source control we have tried with Visual Studio 2008. It is easier to manage than Team System, more powerful than all the free based application we have tried, and has very good integration with all versions of Visual Studio (6 to 2008). Also, support always answers our questions very quickly. We are really happy to become a SourceAnywhere Standalone User."

— Thomas BURNET

Programming Manager, NOVEALIS

Technology | Version Control Solution

We were using Visual SourceSafe and needed a better option for our new project. Some of our staff suggested one of the free options, but you get what you pay for. Having already been familiar with Dynamsoft and their SourceAnywhere for VSS product I decided to try their SourceAnywhere Standalone. We have some developers using it with Visual Studio 2010 and some other developers using it for source control on a website. It works great for both purposes and even better they have THE BEST customer support I have ever had the pleasure to work with."

— Troy Miller

IT/Project Manager, Technology Solutions

Corporate Services, Technology | Version Control Solution

We have been using Dynamsoft for hosting solutions supporting our SMS Gateway service. We haven't yet experienced downtime during the year of hosting we had so far." "As a scandinavian 2-way SMS Gateway sending millions of sms-messages, uptime is very critical to us." "We give Dynamsoft our best recommendations"

— Stephan Ryer

Partner & Developer, Inmobile

Technology | Version Control Solution

We have been looking for the right solution for our enterprise level software to support Desktop and Web Scanning, image viewing, Barcode Solutions. There were no solutions available near to Dynamsoft's product bundle which are multi-platform, multi browser compatibility solutions. Dynamsoft's Dynamic .Net and Web TWAIN components are full flexible solutions with it we never miss the challenge of our competitors."

— Devan Antonito

Director, Wisemen IT Solutions

Technology | Dynamic .NET TWAIN

I will make sure I spread the word with my colleagues and friends!" "You application is excellent. It was really helpful and I will make sure I spread the word with my colleagues and friends." "Some points to add are: No learning curve as it was almost identical to Visual SourceSafe (VSS). Performance was good. And availability was good. Over all I had a great experience. And I wish you all success."

— Aru Pillai, Director IT

Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers

Financial Services | Version Control Solution

It is great to use a product that works and interfaces with Microsoft ACCESS, VB6 and VISUAL STUDIO 2005. A product that makes data storage requirements easy. A product that simplifies user access. "

— Richard A Lehman

NASA/JSC, United Space

Government/Non-Profit | Version Control Solution

I wanted to take the time to write about an absolutely wonderful source control solution from Dynamsoft Corporation."

— Steven Swafford, Northrop Grumman

Alabama, USA

Construction/Engineering, Energy, Manufacturing | Version Control Solution

I'm very impressed with your product. The interface is intuitive and easy to use and having used Visual Source Safe for many years I found the learning curve to be almost nonexistent."...... "I'm very glad I found your product."

— Jordan Light

Corporate Services, Manufacturing | Version Control Solution

SourceAnywhere for VSS is a great product and the developers behind it must be amazing people. You have always taken feedback and delivered great fixes and upgrades."

— Vijay Devappa

Phoenix American

Financial Services | Version Control Solution

"As the UK's leading Software copyright protection specialist we demanded a reliable and secure product to manage the changing development patterns of developers. Simple, secure and reliable access to our source code was key to this. This is where SourceAnywhere for VSS came in. It simply and efficiently extended our already mature VSS installation, making it possible for us to develop our products from anywhere. Secure in the knowledge that SourceAnywhere was protecting our valuable assets and making best use of developers time."

— Ben Lewis

Head of Software Development, Data Encryption Systems Ltd.

Technology | Version Control Solution

Insignia Software is very pleased with the SourceAnywhere for VSS. Without it development would have been considerably slow from our Chinese office. If anyone is looking to speed up Microsoft Source Safe due to slow connection, try SourceAnywhere for VSS, you can be up and running within an hour and you will be as happy as we are."

— Leo

Project Manager, Insignia Software

Technology | Version Control Solution

I have been extremely pleased with the Source Anywhere hosting. We are a small company of just 2 employees, but Source Anywhere allows us to work easily from different locations and on the move. The performance is much better than anticipated and has not slowed down my development, which is one concern I had before signing up. Your support and customer service is excellent, and I do appreciate it."

— Andrew Purnis


Technology | Version Control Solution

Secure-Dock, an online secure distribution and safe deposit box software for all your strategic documents, has been leveraging Dynamsoft's Hosted Source Control software for a couple of years now, and we could not be happier with their software and service. We have never had any issues with our source code, and the integration with Visual Studio is top notch. It has allowed us to operate efficiently and effectively without the overhead of a more established development environment."

— Sean McRoberts

CTO, Secure Dock

Technology | Version Control Solution

For years we used VSS to safeguard the source files of our technical publications, but it became an impediment to global collaboration. Network latency issues caused error-checking loops in VSS that made remote users wait minutes to check-out or check-in each file. As soon as we switched to SourceAnywhere the problem was solved, and checking out/in entire directories is now measured in seconds rather than hours. Fabulous!"

— Erling Nielsen


Telecommunications | Version Control Solution

Source control hosting heats up: Dynamsoft introduces SourceAnywhere."

— Roy Osherove

software developer, author of The Art of Unit Testing

Technology | Version Control Solution

My intention is to expand its use to my website development and my core documentation. I'm using the hosted service on a number of small developments at the moment and have been very pleased with the service. For those of you who haven't used a source control product before I think you'll find the service pays for itself the first time you rollback a source file. I have been using it from the office and on my laptop through hotspots or 3G networks. It has been great so far."

— Karl Southern

Director, Image Excellence

Technology | Version Control Solution

The support team is responsive and friendly, very pleased! I find Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted very easy to set up and use with Visual Studio 2005. it's working nicely. The support team is responsive and friendly, very pleased!"

— Mike Cai

Project Manager, Independent Developer forming his own company

Technology | Version Control Solution

Dynamsoft's SCM Anywhere Standalone is well, dynamic and the most easiest SCM tool I have ever used. I was up and running within 5 mins of installation and 2 mins of SCM Anywhere Database Repository configuration. Dynamsoft has kept usability and novice users of SCM getting up to speed in no time. The Administration is as easy as 1-2-3 and Kaboom! You are already building your Software Repository for Compliance in less than 10 mins flat. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone getting started from SCM."

— Anil Mahadev

Technology | Version Control Solution

I would like to say that I am overjoyed in finding SCM, I had been looking for some way to be able to work in a number of different locations and still have my source code in a source control system. SCM is easy to use, inexpensive, works with Visual Studio, backed up, encrypted and most importantly fast even for me located in Sydney. SCM has also taken away the hassle of me having to worry about backing up my source code. SCM means I have one less thing to worry about."

— Graeme Elliott

Spirit Software Solutions

Technology | Version Control Solution

I found it to be a great gift."

— Paulo Morgado

Microsoft MVP

Technology | Version Control Solution

Before, I was spending a lot of time doing busy work just trying to push issues through our old system. Issue Tracking Anywhere has allowed me to return back to what I'm supposed to be doing - monitoring the work that my team is doing and tracking our development efforts."

— José Dias

Director of Engineering, FutureVision Technologies

Manufacturing | Version Control Solution

We are greatly helped with the Issue Tracking Anywhere Application especially because the developer, functional department and I work in three different environments and we can share everything via internet. I also want to thank you for the very quick and to the point handling of the error I had. Your analysis quickly helped to find the solution. Also the support by taking over the desktop was very helpfull."

— Frans

Technology | Version Control Solution

We are using Dynamsoft TFS Hosting without problems. It works exactly as if it was in a local server. In fact, we have disconnected a computer previously dedicated to this job. Response times are good."

— Fernando Avila Rodríguez


Technology | Version Control Solution

This TFS service is awesome. I simply had no idea I would like it this much. I just wanted source-control, and here I have my entire company suddenly using the work-flow tools!"

— Daniel C. Morris

Morris Development

Technology | Version Control Solution

We decided to use SCM Anywhere after evaluating several products. We are extremely happy with the choice we have made. SCM Anywhere uses the SQL server for the database. This allowed the designers to concentrate on the actual software configuration functionality without being bogged down with designing a product specific database. We have been using this tool for close to two years to support global development and we never had any down time because of it. It is simply a great product."

— Nickolas Kotran

SeniorTest Engineer, Diebold

Financial Services | Version Control Solution

Most companies that perform drawbacks for organizations rely on the customer to keep the documents. With the help of the Dynamsoft SDK we were able to make the Edrawback application fundamentally different. It allows users to efficiently capture, store, retrieve and manage all paperwork related to drawbacks. So, the entire process is now simpler and helps optimize the drawback return process."

— Mendy Aaron

lead technologist, Croton Group

Financial Services, Manufacturing | Dynamic Web TWAIN

I purchased the .net twain to deploy a document application for add new functionality in AziWin (the most important italian ERP for elevator industries). My feedback is very positive. The support team is quick to answer and happy to dive in customer problems."

— dott. Emidio Rana

Analista programmatore, A.P.System

Manufacturing | Dynamic .NET TWAIN