Dynamsoft Products Center

Document and Image Capture SDKs

Version: 18.4.2

Cross-browser TWAIN scanning SDK for Windows, Linux and macOS

Version: 8.3.3

.NET TWAIN API to access scanners from WinForms/WPF applications

Version: 2.3

High-Level camera APIs for mobile native apps and web

Barcode Scanning and Data Capture SDKs

Version: 10.0

1D and 2D barcode reader SDK for desktop, web and mobile

Version: 3.0

Localize and extract key data from specified region using OCR

Version: 2.0

Proprietary technology for the next generation warehouse management

Version: 2.0

Detect borders and normalize document images

Version Control

Version: 6.5

On-premise version control software; SQL Server as the back-end database

Version control service hosted by Dynamsoft