Text Recognition via OCR Add-on

C++ OCR Library to Convert Text in Images to Usable Word-Processing Text

Ensure the Capture of All Data

Various scenarios may call for users to extract text from an image in
order to be able to manipulate it for data usage or storage.

Use All Your Data

With an optical character recognition (OCR) library, you can empower users to extract text from scanned images to manipulate that content, whether to edit, save or reuse it. You can also produce searchable PDF documents.

Two OCR Module Options

Dynamsoft offers two OCR Module options. The OCR Basic Module is for lightweight duty while the OCR Professional Module is ideal for enterprise-grade OCR processing needs.

Strong Language Support

Realize OCR extraction across a myriad of languages with OCR Professional Module, from English to 119 other western languages and Arabic. The OCR Basic Module supports 27 languages.


Dynamsoft provides two options for an OCR engine. Once you understand the workload you need to accomplish, you can figure out which OCR module is best suited for your tasks. Here is a glance at both to compare

OCR Basic Module OCR Professional Module

Developed with Tesseract, an intelligent deep learning open-source OCR engine sponsored by Google

Has built-in image pre-processing (de-speckle, de-skew, autorotation); auto font matching; advanced imaging technology; multi-thread processing

Supports 27 languages >

Supports English, Arabic, and 119 other western languages >

Starting at $999/year for unlimited reading. Perpetual and annual licensing options available.

Licensed annually, starting at $990 for up to 300K pages

Input options include zonal OCR and the use of JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and PDF files

Input options include zonal OCR and the use of TIFF (G4 / LZW / JPEG), JPEG, PDF, BMP, JPEG2000, JBIG, JBIG2, PNG, PDA, PGX, XPS, WMP, OPG, MAX, AWD, DCX, and PCX files

Output supports exporting the result as a string, .txt, image-over-text PDF, pure-text PDF, and PDF/A

Output supports exporting as:
• Searchable PDFs (including PDF/A),
• Text-over-image technology,
• Multiple image compression formats to reduce the size of PDF files, .txt, CSV, XML, RTF, string variable
• You can also get detailed position information as a part of an OCR result

Supports client-side and server-side deployment on Windows and Linux with no limit to the server-side language

Supports client-side deployment.


With a Server-Side Deployment

Users upload an image to the server for OCR processing within the server. There is no need to download an OCR engine to a client machine. The downside of this approach is a lack of support for offline OCR.

With a Client-Side Deployment

Users need to download and install the OCR module upon their first visit to the web page. This approach currently only supports Windows clients.

Dynamsoft OCR supports client-side and server-side deployments
all in one document scanning application

Robust Imaging Features

You can integrate a multitude of document imaging features all in one application, including:

  • TWAIN scanning
  • Webcam capture
  • PDF rasterizer
  • 1D & 2D barcode detection
all in one document scanning application

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