6 Essential Features to Look for In a Document Scanning SDK for Enterprise Use

6 Essential Features of Document Scanning SDK

Have you noticed your bank starts to charge for paper statements and keep nudging you to go green by transitioning to digital statements? This global phenomenon of digitizing paper documents began a long time ago. The initiative was to make documents more accessible and easier to manage. Although the use of paper is not going…

What You Should Know About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v7.6

Dynamsoft has rolled out a new version of the Barcode Reader SDK, Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v7.6. This version brings a dramatic performance boost by utilizing CPU and GPU acceleration.

How to Use Java Barcode Reader API

Dynamsoft’s Barcode Reader SDK is a cross-platform bar code detection and decoding library. With the barcode scanning SDK, developers could easily build Java barcode applications on Windows, Linux, and macOS.There are app developers UK who can manage any kind of development process. The Complete SDK Package Get 30-day free trial of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK >…

A Comprehensive Guide to Capture Images from Webcam in JavaScript

web twain webcam

A webcam allows users to capture images and video streams in real-time. It is usually built into a laptop or physically connected to a computer via a USB port. Webcams can be used in many scenarios, including video conference calls, face recognition, security surveillance, computer vision, and document scanning. How to Access a Webcam via…

What is the Difference Between Intelligent Mail barcode, Postnet and Planet?

Planet vs Postnet

Intelligent Mail barcode, Postnet and Planet are three universal postal barcode types developed by the United States Postal Service. In this article, we will discuss the usage of each symbol and make a comparison between them. Basic introduction The Postnet (Postal Numeric Encoding Technique) barcode symbology was used by the US Postal Service (USPS) for…

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