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Fenestration (Windows and Doors)

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Needed a reliable way for growing personnel to access VSS over the Internet.

The Solution

Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS


"SourceAnywhere for VSS saves us valuable development time and perhaps more importantly, removes the risk of us using manual processes for source code control. I would unreservedly recommend your product to other development teams."

Jim Cronie
Operations Director,
Business Micros

Dynamsoft's SourceAnywhere for VSS Resolves VPN Challenges for Remote Team at Business Micros

Business Micros was formed in 1979 with the aim of providing the Fenestration (windows and doors) industry with software to calculate breakdowns for windows and doors as well as provide detailed costing information. Business Micros has grown to become one of the leading software houses in this field in the UK. The main products are written in a mix of Visual Basic, ASP, ASP.NET and VB.NET and come under the banner of their Evolution suite.

The Need

Expanding personnel and performance problems had created a new need for Business Micros. "The amount of personnel that we have with the need to update source code has increased," explained Jim Cronie, Operations Director, Business Micros. "And these personnel are located in a regional office and required remote access to the source code repository."

Although Business Micros had been using Visual SourceSafe for years, the team was now facing performance problems. "With the advent of Windows Vista, we discovered that Visual SourceSafe had serious performance issues coming in behind a VPN connection to our server," commented Cronie.

It is well-known that Visual SourceSafe was optimized for internal users, and not remote access. Therefore, Business Micros needed a high performance way to access source code over the Internet.

The Solution: Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS

An add-on tool for SourceSafe, the software is recommended by Microsoft as a remote access and cross platform solution to VSS. SourceAnywhere for VSS was created with four core objectives in mind:

  • Performance - To deliver the fastest remote access possible over TCP/IP.
  • Security - To apply a fail-safe approach to moving code assets across the Web.
  • Multi-Platform Support - To provide broad platform support and integrate with the industry's most popular OS and IDEs.
  • SourceSafe GUI Similarity - To ensure easy integration for developers.

The Result

The speed of SourceAnywhere for VSS impressed Cronie because accessing the source code happened in a fraction of the time it took to perform the same tasks with VSS. "Getting the latest version and checking in and out source code is very fast," Cronie explained. "Remote source code check outs using a VPN connection and MS SourceSafe on a Vista machine took over a minute to accomplish. Now it only takes seconds with SourceAnywhere for VSS and no VPN connection is required."

In addition, the setup up and implementation of SourceAnywhere for VSS was straightforward allowing users to start using the tool right away. "After installing the software on the server and on one client, I setup the link and had a complete source code listing within my SourceAnywhere for VSS client within 20 minutes....start to finish," commented Cronie. "The biggest thing that impressed me is that the product installed, linked to SourceSafe on the server and provided exactly the solution I was looking for straight out of the box."

Finally, both Cronie and the Business Micros employees using SourceAnywhere for VSS were pleasantly surprised by the ease of integration. "SourceAnywhere for VSS integrated seamlessly with my Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Basic 6.0," remarked Cronie. "User adoption has been very good and we've lost none of the features we had with Visual SourceSafe."

About Dynamsoft

Dynamsoft Corporation is the leading developer of version control and issue tracking software. Many Fortune 500 companies including HP, IBM and Intel use Dynamsoft solutions for version control, issue tracking.

About SourceAnywhere for VSS

An add-on tool for VSS, SourceAnywhere for VSS is the fastest VSS remote access software. It is also recommended by Microsoft for VSS remote and cross-platform access.