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Scanning without having to be in the office

The Solution

Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamic Web TWAIN

First released in 2003


TWAIN Scanning Solution for web application

Edition Types:

Windows - For Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge users on Windows

Mac - For Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera users on Mac OS X.

Linux - For Firefox, Chrome users on Linux

Mobile - For Chrome, Firefox users on Android and Safari, Chrome users on iOS

Cabinet NG Selects Dynamic Web TWAIN for Documents Scanning in All Browsers

About Cabinet NG

Since 1999, Cabinet NG (CNG) software has served as the platform for document management and workflow automation to a wide business spectrum. CNG's expertise goes beyond their technology to help firms make the transition from paper file cabinets to streamlined, electronic operations.

CNG-Web: A web access interface for CNG-SAFE

CNG-Web allows users to access and add to content filed in CNGSAFE via a browser. Using the CNG-Web interface makes it easier to deploy CNG-SAFE across multiple locations because there is no software to install.

Users (with create rights) can scan and upload documents through the web interface and can initiate and process documents in workflow. CNG-Web is a cost effective approach to making documents and workflow processes available across more people in an organization.

Technology Challenges

Offer scanning features in CNG-Web

Being able to scan using a web browser is new feature for CNG's customers. If people need to access documents or information while they are travelling, visiting a customer, or working late from home – the web interface will let them get to CNG-SAFE from any computer with a browser and an internet connection.

"Scanning without having to be in the office brings significant flexibility and efficiency to CNG-Web users. To implement the feature, we knew we needed a partner that could help it quickly deliver scanning capabilities for CNG-Web", said James True, Cabinet NG.

Cross-browser and cross-platform support

It is known that customer habit varies from person to person. For example, the preferred browser used by people varies from Internet Explorer to Chrome/Firefox/Safari. Likewise, the preferred operating system usually varies from Windows to Mac OS.

Now that CNG-Web allows customers to get to CNG-SAFE system from anywhere with a browser, the ability to provide scanning features not limited to a specific browser and operating system is necessary.

Why Dynamic Web TWAIN

Cross-browser support with a reasonable cost and licensing model

"There were other programs in our candidate list. However, only Dynamsoft offered both an ActiveX and Plug-in editions at a reasonable cost, as was the new Mac edition." explained James True, "Cost and licensing model was very important to us, as was the new Mac edition."

Easy to learn and integrate with CNG-Web

"CNG Engineering was able to get a proof of concept up and running using an evaluation version quickly" said James True, "It allowed developers to quickly add robust scanning capabilities into CNG-Web while keeping internal development efforts focused on CNG-Web's core capabilities."

Excellent support during evaluation

"Support was very helpful. We received prompt and detailed answers to several in-depth questions during the evaluation period. Documentation and code samples helped a lot", James True said with a smile. "Also, Dynamsoft support web site and forum contained recent information and customer activity which was an important indication that the product is "alive and well".

The Result: Scanning from anywhere in CNG-Web with a browser

"Prior to discovering Dynamic Web TWAIN, CNG-Web did not offer any scanning features" said James True.

With the carefully designed interface and the built-in wizard mode, CNG engineering quickly integrated Dynamic Web TWAIN into CNG-Web while keeping internal development efforts focused on CNGWeb's core capabilities.

Regarding user experience with the scanning feature, James commented, "Because Dynamic Web TWAIN is integrated directly into CNG-Web, the user experience is seamless and easy to use. I wouldn't say our customers are clamouring about the joy of being able to scan though CNG-Web, but if they couldn't, I'm sure we would be hearing about it."

End of the interview, James expressed his appreciation to Dynamosft, "Thanks to Dynamic Web TWAIN, CNG-Web become one of the market leaders in offering a browser based document manager interface."

About Dynamsoft

Dynamsoft Corporation is the leading provider of version control solution and TWAIN SDK. Many Fortune 500 Companies including HP, IBM, Intel, and Siemens trust Dynamsoft solutions for version control and TWAIN scanning SDK development.

Dynamsoft is an associate member of TWAIN Working Group, who defines the TWAIN standard. We not only have early access to the latest TWAIN standard, but also contribute to the TWAIN standard by proposing and voting for changes.

Please visit us at:

About Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a TWAIN scanning SDK specifically optimized for web applications. You can control any TWAIN compatible device drivers - scanner, digital camera or capture card - in a web page to acquire images, edit and then upload to web servers/databases using the TWAIN control.

Product Overview: