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Needed to centralize the knowledge pool into one uniform, searchable database.

The Solution

Dynamsoft Issue Tracking Anywhere Hosted

David J. Barrus | Dave W. Safley

"Issue Tracking Anywhere, along with SourceAnywhere Hosted, has noticeably impacted our development cycles. The time to market has been reduced along with diagnostics and trouble shooting."

Dave W. Safley
CTO - Founder,
Paragon Host

Dynamsoft Issue Tracking Anywhere Hosted Resolves Organization Issues at ParagonHost

World Class Internet Service provider ParagonHost empowers businesses to reach new profits, markets and success via their Web sites. ParagonHost's primary service offerings include: Managed Web Hosting, E-Mail Hosting and Security, Web Design and Development, Spam Filtering, Internet Filtering, Domain Registration and Merchant Services.

ParagonHost has approximately 2000 clients including Harvard Eye, Long Beach Laser, and Saddleback Memorial Medical Center's project "Dancing to a new beat". ParagonHost also caters to clients that help the community such as Spencer Recovery Centers, a national client that provides drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment. In addition, Paragon- Host donates hosting services to charities such as Surfers Healing, an initiative where surfers help children with Autism. With a focus on quality, performance, and security, ParagonHost provides resources for clients that are looking for true value in web hosting and managed Internet Services.

Business Challenge

As ParagonHost started growing, the company's needs also grew. Therefore, as they moved forward with new projects, a decision was made to be more organized with their collection of data. Although there was no formal system in place, the team had been relying on non-managed knowledge pools and weekly project meetings to stay organized. They needed a centralized knowledge pool. Dave Safley, Founder and CTO at ParagonHost explained, "We needed a solution where we could take all of the different knowledge pools that we might have in separate places and put it into one location."

One requirement stemmed from having a distributed development team. "It is pretty imperative that we have the capability of running on systems no matter where somebody may be; whether they are on the west coast in California, on the east coast in New York, or one of our outsourced developers from around the world," commented Safley. "And therefore, remote capability with full functionality was really important to us." A webbased tracking system was necessary in order to fulfill this requirement.

"I am always looking for resources that will help the company do things better and be more organized," explained Safley. "At this time, I had been looking for knowledge bases and very robust databases with extensive search abilities." A Google search led him to Dynamsoft's website where he found both Issue Tracking Anywhere and SourceAnywhere, a version control tool. "I came across the products that I needed and it was a stroke of luck that both of these products were created by the same company," remarked Safley.

The fact that Issue Tracking Anywhere, as well as SourceAnywhere, had the option of being delivered as a hosted application helped seal the deal for ParagonHost. Safley explained, "We will often look for a good company that has Enterprise Level hosted services. We have enough to be concerned about with our own internal structure so we appreciated the fact that Dynamsoft offers a hosted solution."

As with most hosted applications, companies have concerns about security and Paragon Host was no exception. "We always take security as a concern," stated Safley. "But after looking at Dynamsoft's history and how long the company has been providing these types of solutions, it gave me the warm and fuzzy feeling to know that it would be safe. And I also looked at data infrastructure. The Bell data centre that Dynamsoft has chosen made us feel comfortable moving forward with the hosted services."

The Solution: Issue Tracking Anywhere Hosted

Dynamsoft Issue Tracking Anywhere™ Hosted is a web-based issue tracking system designed for issue/work item tracking, bug/defect tracking, customer support and project management. With an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, Issue Tracking Anywhere is convenient, effective and professional in tracking and managing both business and technical issues. It is available in both standalone and hosted environments.

Business Result

"We were able to start using Issue Tracking Anywhere within a week and found the transition to be quite comfortable," observed Safley. "Most of the functions seemed to be very user friendly to a developer and/or anyone that is actually involved in technology or Windows-based functionality." The development team at ParagonHost happily embraced the new process. "I was thrilled when Dave brought this on board," remarked David J. Barrus, VP Web Development and Co-Founder at ParagonHost. "I knew that by implementing Issue Tracking Anywhere, it would help our company be faster and more efficient."

Another measure was the usability of the product for all types of users. "These types of products are easy for people such as Dave and myself who have a technology background of 25-30 years," explained Barrus. "However, if we are working with a designer who may not be very technical or if we are dealing with a language barrier, then we need a product that is easy to use for all types of users. Issue Tracking Anywhere is so straightforward that anybody from any part of the world can understand it and move forward quickly."

Since implementing Issue Tracking Anywhere Hosted, the team at ParagonHost has seen improved control and management of milestones for web development projects. "The ability to track an issue or track a piece of information faster has noticeably affected our time to market and response time on projects," remarked Safley. "By using Issue Tracking Anywhere Hosted, along with SourceAnywhere Hosted, our project timelines and/or milestones have been met or shortened substantially."

With Issue Tracking Anywhere's robust search capabilities, the team at ParagonHost has found it much easier and faster to use than the previous system. This has saved the team a lot of time. "Everything is more organized," commented Safley. "By using Issue Tracking Anywhere we are able to track resources, notes, and bugs and this has resulted in quicker timelines and better code management." Barrus continued, "With a more advanced search function, we are able to locate information quickly. And, of course, in our business time is money."

A surprising discovery was the editing capability. "The editor is pretty amazing," remarked Safley. "We are finding that when we copy and paste source code and things like that from different web sites and resources, it keeps the format of the copied content. And it even allows us to easily "clean up" the code. We really like that capability."

Safley concluded, "Dynamsoft's products enable us to consistently provide World Class Internet Services to our present and future clients."

About Dynamsoft

Dynamsoft Corporation is the leading developer of version control and issue tracking software. Many Fortune 500 companies including HP, IBM and Intel use Dynamsoft solutions for version control, issue tracking.

About Issue Tracking Anywhere Hosted

Issue Tracking Anywhere™ Hosted is a web-based issue tracking system designed for issue/work item tracking, bug/defect tracking, customer support and project management. It is hosted and fully managed by Dynamsoft.

About Issue Tracking Anywhere Hosted