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First released in 2003


TWAIN Scanning Solution for web application

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Dynamic Web TWAIN Speeds Up Documentation Workflow for Immigration

About the company

Law Offices of Thomas Williams PLC is a national immigration law firm and has a team of experienced attorneys that specifically handles employment-related immigration cases.

About LiveImmigration online system

www.LiveImmigration.com is the first totally browser-based application that can be used by small and medium sized companies for the processing and tracking of U.S. Immigration cases that our law firm handles. The application users are mainly our clients, attorneys and staff. It gives our clients access to their cases, messaging and copies of documents 24/7/365. No other firm offers its clients such full case access.

Technology challenges

Scan documents to local then upload

Before, our clients had to scan the document(s) to a local drive, and then upload it into the case. Many of them found this process time-consuming and inconvenient.

Scan multi-pages into separate one-page PDFs then manually merge into one

We found that individuals (employee/Beneficiaries) and some small employers have only flatbed scanners. When these clients had multiple pages, which they needed to submit for the attorney's review, they had to upload a separate document file for each page. This could be tens or hundreds of pages – and separate files, which our staff later had to merge into a single PDF. We would have to either open each individual file to view/print it out or possibly download each individual file then use a desktop application to merge the multiple files into one and re-upload it.

Or, we would instruct them to fax us their pages. But, faxes do not have the resolution quality of a scanned document. Nor are they in color, so much of the details were lost.

LiveImmigration online system integrated with Dynamic Web TWAIN

Scan in a browser and upload directly to a secure server

With Dynamic Web TWAIN, our clients, attorneys and staff can very simply log in to their case and scan their documents st raight into the case – thus eliminating the time otherwise needed for scanning locally and upload.

Scan multi-pages into one single PDF file with a flatbed scanner

Furthermore, clients who only have a single-sheet flatbed scanner can now scan in all of their pages into a SINGLE file, rather than 20 (or however many) separate pdf files. This is A MAJOR ADVANTAGE over what clients had to do before.

The result: Dynamsoft scanning solution

Easy and reliable to use and integrate

This is an excellent product. Integration Dynamic Web TWAIN into our solution turns out extremely easy. My developer had used Dynamsoft's Dynamic Web TWAIN before on a previous project. He recommended it highly. We did not even bother evaluating other solutions.

Measurable improvements: faster scanning

Besides supporting scanning documents straight to our server and scanning files into a single multi-page PDF file, I also find that my scanner is much faster since it does not pause between pages. Multi-page documents scan in much faster than with a standard desktop scanning application.

End users/clients like the new system

We have just recently gone "live"; we have not yet had feedback. But I know they will appreciate this feature we now offer our clients. It is very simple for our clients to use. Also, it is MUCH easier to directly scan in complete copies of Filings for our clients. Not many firms can offer that.

About Dynamsoft

Many Fortune 500 Companies including HP, IBM, Intel, and Siemens trust Dynamsoft solutions for version control and TWAIN scanning SDK development.

Dynamsoft is an associate member of TWAIN Working Group, who defines the TWAIN standard. We not only have early access to the latest TWAIN standard, but also contribute to the TWAIN standard by proposing and voting for changes.

More info at: www.dynamsoft.com

You can try Dynamic Web TWAIN on your desktop web browsers.