We surely advise Dynamic .NET TWAIN for any interaction with TWAIN scanners."

Fabio Pagano,
AziWin Project Manager, A.P.System.

About A.P.System

APSystem is an leading Italian provider of the foremost ERP programs for elevator industry - AziWin Eleva.


Introduce the application/system which now integrates Dynamic .NET TWAIN. How does it work?

The integration allows our customers to automatically scan and attach in AziWin Eleva relevant documents, such as supplier invoices, intervention reports (calls, maintenance), technical data (project plant, elevator booklet), each one in its own section, during insertion of received invoices and executed interventions. Technically we have encapsulated Dynamsoft scanning component in a class library, so we can easily call it from all our applications. We get the stored settings for scanner and produce a pdf with the scanned document, which is then automatically attached (saved in the SQL Server database) to the corresponding record. Moreover, we have used Dynamsoft's component "Annotation" to allow users to add notes to the scan result.

Technology challenges you were facing. How does Dynamic .NET TWAIN help?

APSystem decided to give customers the possibility to scan and save their documents in the SQL Server database system used by AziWin Eleva. For communication between AziWin Eleva and the scanners, after many tests, APSystem chose Dynamic .NET TWAIN from Dynamsoft Corporation.

Why Dynamic .NET TWAIN?

There are a lot of components on the market to acquire documents from scanners. APSystem chose Dynamic .NET TWAIN for these reasons:

  • It's very easy to use.
  • Satisfying customer service: The customer service is very fast. Also, support reps are available to debug code together. The customer service has always given us more than what we expected.
  • Easy extension: The component includes a lot of things that can be useful in the near future, like PDF Annotation, Barcode Reader, OCR SDK, etc.

How do your end users/clients like the application/system?

The customers have vastly appreciated this new functionality: the automated task introduced in AziWin Eleva (scan & attach documents in one automatic step) makes them save days of work each month.