Dynamic Web TWAIN integrated into Dynamic Hospitality's accounting system for automatic invoice scanning and management for restaurants

About your company

My name is Rusty Martin and I am the IT director for Dynamic Hospitality, LLC. We are a company that manages day to day operations and accounting for assorted restaurant concepts around the country.

Introduce the application/system which now integrates Dynamic Web TWAIN. How does it work?

I am a .Net web developer, developing applications to communicate to and from the field and the corporate offices. I was challenged to develop systems to collect accounting data from the stores and do it in a way that we did not have to FedEx paper or email and manually process scanned documents of AP or AR each week.

The web application not only delivers the data to accounting in an efficient manner but it allows me to format the files as they are uploaded in a way that automates the storing of the files in our paperless file system and import the data into our accounting system but it also allows me to provide a central place to store, summarize and report all restaurant weekly information to management cutting their reaction time to issues in half!

This is just the first phase! I am planning to expand the system to begin a complete employee file record – entirely in web/database form – that will save us 100’s each year in shipping and storing records for employees that sometimes end up being incomplete or misplaced.

The thing I really liked about Dynamic Web Twain was the sample code provided! All I had to do was to modify the samples to do what I wanted and incorporate any needed additions around that code. It was extremely simple and easy to do. I look like a genius!

Technology challenges you were facing. How does Dynamic Web TWAIN help?

Before developing the application, we were manually scanning invoices at the restaurants and emailing them to an office person dedicated to accounting for them and managing the storing of invoices and then keying them into our accounting system. It was extremely tedious and time consuming. All of that is automated now and can just be reviewed and approved!

Why you choose Dynamic Web TWAIN?

I found Dynamic Web Twain on the web – no other reason – once I chose it – the customer service and follow through closed the deal. This company stands above any I have done business with!

How do your end users/clients like the application/system?

Everyone, including the restaurant staff find it simple and easy to use and error free. I see it as the beginning of great things to come with many different uses/applications where it can be used to simplify and expedite processes in our business.

I recommend both the product and the company that provides it to anyone that is in the market for scan to web controls!

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