H.R.Z. Software Finds Cost and Time Savings, Useful Features in Dynamsoft's Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK


We debated whether to directly use the TWAIN and WIA interfaces but, when we also estimated the time we'd have spent just to learn the subject matter, looking at an SDK made more and more sense. When we researched our SDK options, Dynamsoft's SDK features and license price proved to be the best solution."

Roni Zaharia, Founder,
H.R.Z. Software


H.R.Z. Software is a company providing workflow and document management software in the healthcare industry. In late 2013, the company was in the process of updating its DICOMIZER medical procedures documentation software solution. One key feature to expand upon was TWAIN / WIA scanning device support. With this added functionality, H.R.Z. Software could provide its customers with more robust image capturing and document management capabilities. This is crucial in a healthcare industry growing more and more dependent on digital imaging. To save on development costs and time, the company turned to Dynamsoft for a software development kit (SDK). The SDK provided the advantage of saving the company the time of learning the subject matter of TWAIN / WIA. The SDK's built-in features and capabilities also spared months of added development time. This is because the SDK helped H.R.Z. Software not have to create hundreds to thousands of lines of code. So, time to market was well expedited and development costs were well reduced. The Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK the company used also provided convenient built-in features. DICOMIZER customers would be able take advantage of simpler but powerful document editing and saving capabilities.


H.R.Z. Software

H.R.Z. Software Services, LTD. is a software company focused on developing medical imaging, healthcare IT, DICOM, and HL7 applications. The company also provides medical imaging consultation, custom application development services, and professional educational courses. H.R.Z. Software Services has worked with dozens of companies and organizations worldwide to meet their healthcare IT goals and to create innovative medical solutions. To this end, the company has a suite of software products. RZDCX is a fast-strike DICOM toolkit that is the company's flagship product. HL7Kit Pro is the company's HL7 integration engine. It makes HL7 integration drag-and-drop simple and WYSIWYG rules definition helps organizations achieve HL7 integration in minutes. And, the company's DICOMIZER software is a medical procedures documentation application.

H.R.Z. Software also provides complete outsourcing and consultation services for medical software development needs. This includes covering workflow management and interoperability concerns.



DICOMIZER, version 3.0.3, is a digital health records and medical procedures documentation solution with comprehensive image capturing capabilities. The most current version became available in December 2013. The application has been in development and market use since 2008. For the current version (3.0.3), H.R.Z. Software wanted to enhance TWAIN / WIA compatibility. A beta version (DICOMIZER 3.0.0) was released in November 2013 to test functionalities and receive feedback.

H.R.Z. Software researched a build vs. buy approach to add TWAIN / WIA image capture capabilities in DICOMIZER. The company determined it was cost-prohibitive and too time consuming to build TWAIN / WIA compatibility into DICOMIZER. The company researched and found online Dynamsoft's Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK solution. Then, a demo of the SDK confirmed to H.R.Z. Software it had found an ideal solution.


H.R.Z. Software found Dynamsoft's SDK to be instantly pleasing. The API was clear and the examples provided by Dynamsoft worked. Like many other customers, Dynamsoft's SDK helped H.R.Z. Software save a bundle in development costs and time. H.R.Z. Software was spared having to build a TWAIN / WIA interface and module from scratch.

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Dynamsoft's Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK
Dynamic .NET TWAIN is ideal for developers to use in creating image capture and processing functionalities within .NET-based document management applications. This includes image capture from scanners and webcams. It has built-in support for Windows® Forms (WinForms) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

The SDK also provides add-ons to support the use of barcodes, optical character recognition (OCR), and PDF formats. Dynamsoft’s SDK provides a plethora of other built-in capabilities. Customizable scanning configurations are offered and include ADF; duplex; resolution; pixel type; and more. It also enables saving images into a variety of formats that include JPEG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, BMP and byte array to a local disk, web server, database or document libraries.

Dynamic .NET TWAIN, the TWAIN and DirectShow Webcam Capture wrapper library, are based on Microsoft's .NET framework and are optimized for use in C# and Visual Basic .NET.



DICOMIZER now uses a TWAIN / WIA interface to allow users to connect to scanners and cameras. So, image captures and input into health records are now simpler. DICOMIZER converts images and documents to the DICOM standard. It also provides DICOM networking capabilities to store captured and converted images to PACS or other DICOM-enabled devices.

Use of the application is wizard-based, making it quite simple. A user can easily enter basic information such as names, birthdates, gender, and so on. They can also capture images at the push of a button. This includes anything from insurance and ID cards to medical documents. Previews of captured images are possible to ensure accuracy. Storage and retrieval can happen via local disk, removable media, to an archive, or to network storage.

H.R.Z. Software's DICOMIZER 3.0.3 application was able to take advantage of a variety of user features in Dynamsoft's SDK. So, scanning capabilities are simple but still robust. Advanced image editing features include: rotate, flip, mirror, crop, erase, and more. Users can also zoom in and out for finite editing.

The use of Dynamsoft's SDK has allowed H.R.Z. Software to provide a host of new features in its latest generation of DICOMIZER software. Such new features include TWAIN / WIA device image capturing, webcam to DICOM image capturing, DICOM to JPEG saving, advanced editing, and much more.