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Financial Services

Company Size

< 50


Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

Development Time

Two months

Key Requirements

  • Read multiple 2D barcodes on color images
  • Identify the 2D barcode within a short amount of time to allow minimal user impact
  • Expand existing product – MVi Hotkey

Bryon Poulter

"Using the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader allows us to preserve the simplicity of our product deployment. Working with Dynamsoft's Technical Support Team has affirmed to us that Dynamsoft is a valuable partner.

The Dynamsoft SDK provides us with fast 2D barcode reading which efficiently fits into our program's existing workflow and also provides a competitive licensing model."

Bryon Poulter
VP Software Development

Millennial Vision, Inc. Chooses Dynamsoft Barcode Reader to Auto-Populate Driver's License Data

Located in Salt Lake City, UT, Millennial Vision, Inc. (MVi) has been in business for over 22 years. They provide document management and enterprise content management solutions to credit unions and other financial institutions across the United States and the Caribbean.

MVi selected Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader SDK to scan PDF417 barcodes from driver's licenses. The data from which is then used to auto-populate metadata fields for financial institution applications and forms.

The Need

MVi provides a Hotkey application that allows organizations to quickly lookup and/or scan documents relating to a specific member or customer of the financial institution. However, they wanted to improve the on-boarding process by reading the barcode data on the backs of the individual driver's licenses and then auto-populate the metadata fields associated with that image.

The user first checks to see if the member\customer already has an existing account with the organization.

  • If so, then all existing documents will be listed.
  • If not, then the user is prompted to scan the ID using MVi's Hotkey program, which uses Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK to read the PDF417 barcode found on the back of the driver's license. The relevant metadata will be auto-populated into the corresponding index fields.

The PDF417 barcode encodes key information about the cardholder, including:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Eye color
  • Height
  • Expiration date

MVi researched multiple barcode SDK vendors and chose Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK because of its power, simplicity, and cost saving. Another major contributing factor was the time to market. Using Dynamsoft Barcode Reader they could leverage years of development experience and technical support, rather than developing a solution in-house.

The Challenge


MVi offers a Hotkey program that interacts with the Financial Institutions Core Data Processing System as well as other programs in their product and ECM suite. MVi needed to be sure that the barcode-reading logic performed fast enough so that no changes were required to their existing applications.

Image Resolution

MVi's Hotkey allows the end-user to scan a driver's license using a dedicated document and\or id scanner. While a robust barcode engine can achieve a high success rate even with low-quality images, a 100% recognition rate is not guaranteed. By adding a simple image resampling logic, MVi was able to achieve the results they wanted regardless of image resolution.

The Solution

MVi's development team explored multiple avenues for reading barcodes. They evaluated Dynamsoft Barcode Reader among other options and ultimately recommended Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader to the management team. By using Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader, they were able to extract data from a PDF417 barcode and then parse it into easily-readable formats into the associated index fields.

The design of the application took about two months from the initial planning stage to a releasable program. Along the way there were evaluations, coding, and various testing phases involving several individuals from both the Development and Sales departments.

The integration of Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader has allowed MVi to optimize the customer onboarding process and expedite their customer imaging applications.

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