FT Technologies chooses Dynamic Web TWAIN for scanning documents to SharePoint

About your company

My company's name is FT Technologies, incorporated in the Republic of Tanzania in 2010.

We deal in offering IT services, including SharePoint installation, configuration, requirements gathering and support.

Our customers include banks and mobile operators.

Introduce the application/system which now integrates Dynamic Web TWAIN. How does it work?

One of our customer's in a bank approached me and asked me if I can build a workflow which can handle approval of a document set from its branches to the HQ. The bank has branches all over Tanzania.

More specific requirements where to be able to scan the documents directly from the SharePoint web interface and save the scanned documents directly into SharePoint 2010 document library.

The customer required a demo and if he likes it then we can proceed with the installation.

I used a third party solution for the embedded scanning feature in the SharePoint document library, the third party tool required a Twain driver for the solution to be complete and working.

Therefore I searched into the internet for good software to do this and found your website. I installed the trial software and it worked properly.

Technology challenges you were facing. How does Dynamic Web TWAIN help?

I needed a Twain driver that could work on any of the customer's PC without need for any installation.

Initially I used the .Net version of the driver but it required installation in each and every PC, but the web version solved that.

How do your end users/clients like the application/system?

The customer was very happy, especially on the simplicity of the overall solution.

The workflow is working perfectly and fortunately I can sell the idea to other customers also.

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