Dynamsoft TFS Hosted Enables Easy & Secure Collaboration between Internal and External Teams at Standard Imaging


Dynamsoft's TFS hosting has all the features we need at a reasonable price, Collaboration with our consultants has been significantly enhanced and made even more secure. And, I also get readily-available project management metrics that would have been time-consuming to gather with our old system. Dynamsoft's TFS hosting solution has proven it's well worth the investment.”Jeff Manion

Jeff Manion, Software Director Standard Imaging, Inc.


Standard Imaging, Inc. provides an extensive suite of QA software tools for managing a variety of complex tasks for radiation therapy departments worldwide. The company started small with a minute staff in a one-room office. It has now grown to more than 60 employees in 2014. With this growth came new obstacles to ensure smooth and high-quality software development practices. Standard Imaging knew it had to replace its aging process and software for project and source code management. It had to find a cost-effective solution to easily provide enhanced project management and source code management for the company's software development team. The new system had to empower internal teams to easily and securely collaborate with external outsourced teams. It found its solution in Dynamsoft's TFS hosting.


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Founded in 1989, Standard Imaging, Inc. is a Wisconsin-based company focused on providing radiation calibration instruments and QA software. Over the years, the company has grown from a very small staff working within one room to more than 60 employees in 2014. The company's products now include electrometers, ion chambers, phantoms, QA software, beam QA instruments, and brachytherapy calibration devices.

To develop, manage, and maintain its software offerings, the company's internal software development team must work in concert with external outsourced software development teams. Constant collaboration throughout the life cycle of software development is paramount to Standard Imaging's market success for its software suite.



Standard Imaging, Inc. develops and sells an extensive family of QA software. The family consists of 14 applications. They provide various capabilities such as analyzing and reporting a battery of daily, monthly, and annual machine QA procedures; allowing second checks on HDR, LDR and permanent implant plans; analyzing and reporting electron dose distribution, and more. The software development and maintenance requires extensive and constant team collaboration to manage throughout the lifecycle of applications, from concept and development, to deployment and updates.

As the company grew, advanced project management and source control management became more urgent. The company had to migrate from its existing in-house source control system, which had become limited in capabilities. The existing system also had the handicap that it could not integrate to any project management system. A change was necessary to keep up with the company's successful software demands. Standard Imaging, Inc. needed to have a project management and source control system in place that would enhance collaboration. The new system also needed to deliver on security during remote access to source code, to protect the company's intellectual property.


Standard Imaging, Inc.'s staff had familiarity with Dynamsoft™ because the company was using Dynamsoft's SourceAnywhere source control software to allow outside consultants remote access to its source code. As a result, Standard Imaging easily came across Dynamsoft's Team Foundation Server (TFS) hosting solution. The company originally thought to deploy an on-premise TFS solution but, quickly realized they wouldn't have the resources to properly manage it. As a result, the company decided to turn to Dynamsoft's TFS hosting. Standard Imaging needed this application to provide strong project management and a source code management in a completely self-managed solution.

Dynamsoft developed its TFS hosted solution to deliver several advantages for its customers. As a result, it has become a Microsoft® recommended TFS solution. Dynamsoft's application is founded on more than five years of R&D experience in hosted version control systems. In its life cycle, it has an uptime of 99.9X percent. It currently provides hosted Visual Studio® TFS 2010/2012. Both shared and managed hosting options are available. Dynamsoft TFS hosting also provides on-site backup every 30 minutes. It's based in a SAS70 and CICA5970 certified data center and provided. It's also backed by 24/7/365 days of technical support available via an online knowledge base and email. Other support channels include live chat, phone support, and more. It is also provided with a range of data migration services to allow for seamless moves from other TFS or in-house TFS solutions, and also from Visual SourceSafe.



Standard Imaging, Inc. quickly realized many benefits. First, Dynamsoft's TFS hosting turned out to have more easy-to-use features than expected to simplify all of the company's project and source code management. This includes providing a robust and secure path for outside consultants to easily collaborate with internal teams on software development. Dynamsoft's TFS hosting also proved to be cost-effective. When compared to deploying an on-premise TFS solution, Dynamsoft saves companies a lot of money with its hosted TFS solution. This cost advantage was a clear advantage that Standard Imaging realized.