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Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

Key Considerations

  • Fast scanning capabilities, especially under suboptimal conditions
  • Friendly and knowledgeable Technical Support Team, ensuring a quick and uncomplicated deployment of the ValiGate app
  • Continuous development of the Dynamsoft SDK, ensuring long term continuity of the app

tesa scribos® Chooses Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for its Security App

About tesa scribos®

Founded in 2001, tesa scribos® is a full subsidiary of tesa SE within the Beiersdorf group.tesa scribos® helps brands connect their products with the digital world by creating unique markings and digital tools that:

  • Enable products to communicate with consumers
  • Exchange data
  • Interact with track and trace systems

tesa scribos® analyzes the needs, develops brand customized marking solution, and manages everything from idea to implementation.

tesa scribos®

Developing the tesa ValiGate® App

tesa scribos® developed a security solution called tesa ValiGate®, which can be tailored for businesses in various industries, such as automotive, nutrition, pharma, cosmetics and entertainment.

The app allows end-consumers to verify the authenticity of their products by using their smartphones. Users can simply scan the tesa scribos secured QR-Code with a conventional QR-Code reader or with the dedicated tesa ValiGate® app. Each user receives feedback about the authenticity of the product as well as detailed product information.

The Need

Since the app is used by a large number of users, around 100-500k worldwide for each business, tesa scribos needed a powerful barcode engine that performs under various conditions such as low lighting, shaking, camera quality, different OS versions, etc.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to have an intuitive user interface and fast readability for all smartphones and all OS versions.

Choosing Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

Prior to choosing Dynamsoft Barcode Reader, tesa scribos benchmarked a variety of barcode reading SDKs as well as free open-source solutions, testing each one’s performance capabilities.

The development team was impressed with the performance and simplicity of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK and felt implementing it would provide a good user experience, especially in various conditions.

Using an existing and reputable barcode scanning SDK allowed the tesa scribos team to save time and focus on other key components of their app.

Another factor when choosing Dynamsoft was the friendly and knowledgeable Technical Support Team. From the beginning, they ensured a quick and uncomplicated deployment of the tesa ValiGate® app.

A further advantage is the continuous development of the Dynamsoft SDK, which ensures the continuity of the app in the long run.

About Dynamsoft

Founded in Sep 2003 with the aim of being the dynamic center of software developers, Dynamsoft provides enterprise-class document capture and image processing software development kits (SDK), with numerous generations for each product.

Today many Fortune 500 Companies including Lockheed Martin, HP, IBM, Intel, Siemens, and many others trust Dynamsoft solutions.

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