HME / Pharmacy

Company Size

< 600 employees


MyForms has over 2,200 unique daily users

Development Time

1 week

Key Requirements

  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Improve audit outcomes
  • Create process integrity across your organization

Brightree Chooses Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

About Brightree

Based out of Peachtree Corners, GA, Brightree is an industry-leading cloud-based healthcare IT company. Brightree provides solutions and services for thousands of organizations in home medical equipment and pharmacy, orthotic and prosthetic, home infusion, and rehabilitation home care. Brightree enables post-acute care organizations to improve their business performance, streamline processes, improve efficiency, and increase profitability.

40% Success Rate Previously

Built for the healthcare industry, Brightree's MyForms application is a completely configurable documentation and workflow management platform that helps:

  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Improve audit outcomes
  • Create process integrity across your organization

Brightree's web app stamps QR codes onto each page that is downloaded or faxed from their system. When documents are returned – faxed, uploaded, scanned, emailed – the app detects the QR code in order to process and automatically file them.

Initially, Brightree was using another QR code reader; however, it was only able to detect about 40% of the codes due to the quality of the returned document.

100% Success Rate with Dynamsoft

After testing and comparing multiple vendors, they found Dynamsoft Barcode Reader detected 100% of the previously undetected QR codes.

"What helped make our decision to go with Dynamsoft was the ease of purchase, great support, and the sample code that was available, which helped kickstart development."

— Chris Mentch

In addition, the Brightree development team received a new request from product management that needed to detect page rotation on inbound documents. This was not something that could be done with the previous QR code reader.

With Dynamsoft, they could get the page rotation based on the QR code and automatically rotate the pages upright for their users.

Looking at all their options, they needed a solution that would work with Linux. This immediately ruled out vendors that only supported Windows. Having a previously positive experience with Dynamsoft's Dynamic Web TWAIN, they began testing Dynamsoft Barcode Reader.

The Development

Brightree started with the sample program. Once they received the license, it took just a week to create their custom QR code reader program and integrate into their web application.

The team was comprised of a development manager and a developer who were responsible for the development and integration into their application.

Their web application is on a platform that couldn't directly build the library into their code. They built a small standalone Linux program using the C++ SDK that returned the needed QR barcode data in JSON format. They called this program from their app and consumed the standard output.

About Dynamsoft

Founded in Sep 2003 with the aim of being the dynamic center of software developers, Dynamsoft provides enterprise-class document capture and image processing software development kits (SDK), with numerous generations for each product.

Today many Fortune 500 Companies including Lockheed Martin, HP, IBM, Intel, Siemens, and many others trust Dynamsoft solutions.

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