C and C++ Barcode Reader SDK for Linux

Quickly Implement a Barcode Scanning Application on Linux

If you are using C or C++ for your application, performance might be important for you.

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK provides high-speed barcode recognition algorithms for 1D and 2D barcodes. With our Linux barcode reader SDK, you can easily integrate barcode reading into your document or records management applications to identify and recognize barcodes in milliseconds.

Java Wrapper

Requirements Before Development

JDK 1.7

Dynamsoft Barcode API Highlights

  • Return barcode text with specified encoding.
  • Be able to specify page numbers, barcode regions, width, height, module size and angles for barcode detection. This greatly improves the barcode reading efficiency for specific usage scenarios.
  • Set the capture device type of the source images, scanner, camera or fax, and apply customized image processing techniques for better barcode decoding.
  • Return barcodes unrecognized.
Dynamsoft Barcode API Highlights

Why Using Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for Linux?

  • Scan and decode 10 types of 1D barcodes and QR Code, DataMatrix, PDF 417, fast and accurately.
  • Process and decode multiple barcodes quickly.
  • Implement barcode reading with a few lines of code. This saves your time and development costs.
  • Supports Ubuntu, Debian, and most of the Linux systems.
  • Easy to deploy on AWS or other cloud instances.

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Barcode Symbologies Support

  • Linear Barcodes (1D):

    Code 39 (including Code 39 Extended)
    Code 93
    Code 128
    Interleaved 2 of 5
    Industrial 2 of 5
  • 2D Barcodes:

    QR Code (including Micro QR Code and Model 1)
    Data Matrix
    PDF417 (including Micro PDF417)
    Aztec Code
    MaxiCode (mode 2-5)

    Patch Code

    GS1 Composite Code

  • GS1 DataBar (Omnidirectional,
    Truncated, Stacked, Stacked
    Omnidirectional, Limited,
    Expanded, Expanded Stacked)

    Postal Codes

    USPS Intelligent Mail
    Australian Post
    UK Royal Mail
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