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How to load a partial number of pages of a PDF in DNT

You can use the codes below to show the partial pages.

m_PDFRasteizer.ConvertMode = Dynamsoft.PDF.Enums.EnumConvertMode.enumCM_RENDERALL;
m_PDFRasteizer.ConvertToImage(@"<Path of the file>", "", 100, this as IConvertCallback);
public void LoadConvertResult(ConvertResult result)
     if (result.CurrentPage > 3 && result.CurrentPage < 6) // show the fifth (index 4) and sixth (index 5) pages

How to save a PDF with a specific page size

This KB is for Dynamic .NET TWAIN v7.x and higher only.

There is an API called PageSize, please set it like following to change the saved PDF size:

m_Creator.PageSize = Dynamsoft.PDF.Enums.EnumPageSize.A5;

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Version 7.5

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