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Explore the flexibe barcode reading settings to optimize for your specific usage scenario.


Try the most popular web scanner features: scan images, import local images and PDF files, edit, save to local, upload to database, and etc.


Transform any camera-equipped devices into real-time, browser-based barcode and QR code scanners.


Detects the machine-readable zone of a passport, scans the text, and parses into human-readable data.




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Stable Releases

8.3.3 (07/27/2021)


  • Fixed some minor bugs about scanning.

8.3 (07/19/2021)


  • Added support for .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5.


  • Fixed the bug that the Scanner UI will close automatically after 2 minutes if nothing is done.
  • Fixed the bug that the Ratio of Rectangle still changes after setting SelectionRectAspectRatio.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.

8.1.2 (02/20/2020)


  • Added a new property extendedImageInfoQueryLevel for the method AcquireImage that allows setting up how the library queries extended image info items. In version 8.1, the default level would result in scanning failure or serious performance issues with some scanners.


  • Fixed the handle leak issue of OCR.

  • Fixed the bug that the extended image info messages are not returned when setting IfGetExtendedImageInfo to true.

  • Fixed the bug that mouse scroll moving up only.

  • Fixed the bug that cameraManager.Dispose will throw an exception when there is no camera connected.

  • Fixed the bug that some HD cameras failed to initialize.


  • Some optimizations on the samples.

8.1 (12/03/2019)


  • Added SetDPI method to change the DPI (dots per inch) of an image specified by index.

  • Added SetOpenSourceTimeout method to set the time-out used to open a specified Data Source.


  • Improved the method AcquireImage by adding two more options IfGetImageInfo & IfGetExtImageInfo to its callback IAcquireCallback which are true by default and means extra image info will be returned with each transferred image. The info could be returned by the event OnPostTransfer.

  • Improved the method SetFileXFERInfo so that you can specify a naming pattern for the transferred images when the transfer mode is Disk File.


  • Fixed the memory leak issue of the Webcam Capture Sample.

  • Fixed a bug where the captured images in the container do not rotate when the video stream has been rotated.

  • Fixed a bug where loading PDF file throws an exception when Convert Mode is set to Auto.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.


  • Added Image Editor Sample.

8.0 (07/03/2018)


  • Added CreateBarcode method to create a barcode image in the Barcode Generator Module.

  • Added ScanInNewProcess property for acquiring image in an independent 32-bit process in the TWAIN Scan Module.

  • Updated the scanning process.


  • Improved OCR accuracy & speed by using a newer library.

  • Improved the rendering performance of the PDF Library.

  • Improved the compatibility with higher resolution of Webcam in the Webcam Module.

  • Improved the performance of the samples.


  • Fixed the bug that the exception cannot be thrown if there is a scanning error.

  • Fixed an issue where you can’t save multiple images in disk mode.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.


  • Removed Encrypt & Merge methods.

  • Very high resolutions are hidden in the Webcam Module to stop the application from crashing.

7.1 (06/29/2017)


  • Added SaveAsTIFF method to save images as multi-page TIFF in bytes.


  • Deleted unused namespaces and classes.

  • Decreased the memory consumption of the video stream in the Webcam module.

  • Improved the interface of the demo guide program and the samples.


  • Fixed a bug where setting the Value of Zoom throws an error in the Webcam module.

  • Fixed an issue where the resolution of the output PDF is fixed to 72 dpi in the PDF Library for images whose width/height is less than 2000.

  • Fixed a bug where the mouse flashes when an area is selected in the Viewer module.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

7.0 (05/03/2017)


  • Modularized the following into separate modules - TWAIN Scan, UVC Camera, PDF, Barcode Generator, Barcode Reader, OCR, Image Core and Image Viewer.


  • Removed the Image Editor from the core product.

6.2 (09/21/2016)


  • Added features to the PDF Rasterizer add-on:
    • MergePDFFiles method: merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file.
    • EncryptPDFFile method: encrypt a PDF file with password and permissions on disk and save the results as a new PDF file.
    • PDFConvertMode property: set the convert mode for PDF files.
    • SetPDFResolution method: set the resolution for converting PDF to image.
  • Added BestQuality to DWTInterpolationMethod class.

  • Added OnFrameCapture event which is triggered when a frame is captured by WebCam.

  • Added OnPrePageLoad event which is triggered before every page of a local image is loaded.

  • Added OnPostPageLoad event which is triggered after every page of a local image is loaded.


  • Improved the compatibility of the annotation generated by PDF Annotation add-on with other PDF tools.

  • Improved the JPEG Compression type of TiffCompressionType.

  • Improved the logic of load and download related functions to work better with the PDF Rasterizer.

  • Improved sample applications to support Visual Studio 2015.


  • Fixed an issue where PDF files will be loaded multiple times when executing ConvertPDFToImage.

  • Fixed an issue where the process can’t be killed when ScanInNewProcess fails.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

6.1 (12/29/2015)


  • Added GetBitmap method to convert an image to a Bitmap so that you can read a barcode from a Bitmap image in WPF applications.

  • Added Rotate and FocusOnArea functionalities in the Dynamic .NET TWAIN built-in webcam User Interface.


  • Changed the name of the barcode generator add-on dll from DynamicBarcode(x64).dll to DynamicBarcodeGenerator(x64).dll and separated the Barcode Generator add-on and Barcode Reader add-on. In other words, the barcode reader and generator add-ons are now built into individual dll assemblies.

  • Changed RotateVideo method so that it rotates the video by a certain degree from its original orientation instead of the current orientation.

  • Removed Dynamsoft related information from the Dynamic .NET TWAIN built-in Image Editor.


  • Fixed a bug where IsBlankImage crashes in certain cases.

  • Fixed an issue where the core product is not compatible with the old barcode reader add-on.

  • Fixed an issue where FocusOnArea method doesn’t work when running the executable outside of Visual Studio.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

6.0 (11/17/2015)


  • Added WPF version of Dynamic .NET TWAIN Webcam Module.

  • Added a new method LoadImage(Image) to load an image from an Image object.

  • Added a new method FocusOnArea(Rectangle) to focus on a specified area.

  • Added a new method RotateVideo(RotationType) to rotate your video.

  • Added a new event OnPostLoad which can be triggered when an image from a local directory is loaded into the control.
  • Added a new property IfPrintAnnotations to print annotations.

  • Added a new property PDFVersion to set the version info for saving PDF files (PDF Rasterizer add-on does not support it yet).


  • Replaced old Barcode Reader add-on with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for better performance.

  • Replaced old PDF Rasterizer add-on with a brand new rasterizer for better performance. All relative APIs remain the same.

  • Improved license verification mechanism to ease the upgrade of trial version to full version.


  • Fixed a bug where some special PDF files are rotated by 90 degree automatically when being loaded into the control.

  • Fixed an issue where the control would crash or stop working when loop loading some PDF files if one of them is corrupted.

  • Fixed an issue where image transfer failed when GetImageInfo and GetBarcodeInfo throw an error.

  • Fixed a bug where the property CapIfSupported returns wrong value.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

5.4.1 (01/27/2015)


  • Improved 2D barcode reader add-on performance, especially for PDF417 and QRCode.

  • Improved barcode decoding accuracy for PDF417.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

5.4 (10/15/2014)


  • Improved 1D barcode reader add-on in both barcode decoding accuracy and performance, especially for Code 39 and Code 128.

  • Improved WPF control of Dynamic .NET TWAIN in the performance of image displaying.

  • Improved speed for multi-page PDF loading and viewing.

  • Added new method ConvertPDFToImage(byte[], resolution) for converting PDF byte array to images.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

5.3 (07/22/2014)


  • Added ScanInNewProcess property for acquiring images in an independent 32-bit process. With the new process, you can now access 32-bit TWAIN scanners from 64-bit applications.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

5.2 (04/29/2014)


  • PDF Rasterizer, which performs high-quality conversion from a PDF file (image-based or text-based) to an image. In this way, the output image can be successfully loaded into Dynamic .NET TWAIN.

  • 1D & 2D Barcode Generator, which allows you to generate a barcode and add it to a specified area on an image loaded in Dynamic .NET TWAIN. The supported barcode types are
    • 1D Barcode Reader SDK
      • Code 39, Code 128
    • 2D Barcode Reader SDK
      • QR Code, PDF417 (MicroPDF417 not supported)
  • Added OCR methods GetOCRResultPageSetCount, GetOCRResultPageCount, GetOCRResultLineCount, GetOCRResultWordsCount, GetOCRResultLineRect, GetOCRResultWordsRect, GetOCRResultWordsFontSize, GetOCRResultWordsFontName, GetOCRResultWordsText.

  • Added support for loading encrypted PDF files.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

5.1 (01/14/2014)


  • Optimized memory usage of both Dynamic .NET TWAIN WinForm and WPF controls.

  • Print method is added to the WPF control.

  • A user-friendly demo guide program - “Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK” - is now available. You can run it from the shortcut icon on the desktop and have an overall view of all demos & sample code.

  • A developer’s guide (PDF) is added to installation path\Dynamsoft\Dynamic .NET TWAIN 5.1 Trial\Documentation. It helps developers learn how to use the Dynamic .NET TWAIN component step by step.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

5.0 (12/03/2013)


  • Added WPF version of Dynamic .NET TWAIN, which makes it easier to integrate document scanning feature into your WPF applications.

  • Added an IfShowCancelDialogWhenBarcodeOrOCR property to display a progress bar while doing barcode or OCR.

  • Added an OnWaitForEnd event to detect the beginning and ending of Barcode/OCR progress.

  • Changed the way trial notification is displayed to make it more friendly.

  • Added GIF format support for load and download methods.

  • Added JPEG Compression type to TiffCompressionType.

  • Upgraded Tesseract OCR engine for OCR add-on. It now supports saving OCR result into PDF/A 1-b.

  • Improved the Print method so that users are able to print the desired number of pages instead of just all of them.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

4.3 (06/04/2013)


  • Greatly improved speed and robustness of the barcode recognition.

  • Added property BarcodeDllPath to return or set the barcode dll path.

  • Added property LicenseKeys for flexible licensing.

  • Added property SelectionRectAspectRatio to return or set the selection rectangle aspect ratio.

  • Added methods SetSelectionRectPosition, GetSelectionRect and ClearSelectionRect to manipulate the selection rectangle.

  • Improved the OCR method to enable recognition for a certain area.

  • Added method EnableSourceUI to change and save scanner profiles.

  • Added property MaxBarcodesToRead to get or set the maximum number of barcodes to be detected.

  • Improved method Print for flexible print settings.

  • Added methods GetImageIndexByGuid, GetImageGuidByIndex and SetImageGuidByIndex to manage scanned images by its GUID (Globally Unique Identifier).

  • Added an advanced sample. Improved the barcode and OCR demos.

  • Changed the way trial notification is displayed to make it more friendly.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

4.2 (01/18/2013)


  • Added GetSourceType method to detect source type, i.e. scanner or webcam.

  • Added GetSkewAngle and GetSkewAngleEx methods to calculate skew angle of scanned image. It can be used with Rotate (or RotateEx) method for deskew purpose.

  • Improved performance of Barcode Reader add-on.

  • Improved PDF decoder for better compatibility.

  • Improved the performance and compatibility of webcam model.

  • Improved image display quality in the image viewer by using Windows GDI+ Draw Mode.


  • Fixed bug where accessing scanner via Events leads to scanner hang with ScanInNewThread enabled.

  • Fixed bug where image DPI changed (in rare cases) after calling LoadImage method.

  • Fixed a few minor bugs of webcam model and OCR add-on.

4.1 (06/12/2012)


  • Added new add-on: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) - OCR documents in different languages and convert them to searchable PDF/text.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

4.0 (04/17/2012)


  • Added new add-on: Annotation - markup and draw objects onto a PDF document.

  • Added new add-on: Barcode (1D) - support 1D barcode recognition.

  • Added new add-on: Barcode (2D) - support 2D barcode recognition.

  • Added new add-on: Webcam - acquire an image from a webcam, edit and then upload to a database or web server.

  • Supports TWAIN Specification 2.1.

  • Added ScanInNewThread property to allow Dynamic .NET TWAIN to communicate with the scanner in a separate thread.

  • Added OnSourceUIClose event which is triggered after the user closes the scanner UI.

  • Added CapValueType property.

  • Added IfUseTWAINDSM property.

  • Other new methods, events and properties for the add-ons.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

3.0 (10/11/2011)


  • Image Annotation supported.

  • Print supported.

  • Added support for fitting image width or height to viewer window by setting the property FitWindowType.

  • Added property IfShowPrintUI to show the UI of the printer.

  • Added more image processing methods including Invert and GrayScale.



  • New properties: IfShowPrintUI, FitWindowType, AnnotationTextFont, AnnotationTextColor, AnnotationPen, AnnotationFillColor, AnnotationType, LogLevel, IfSaveAnnotations.

  • New methods: Print, Invert, GrayScale, GetAllAnnotationDataList, LoadAnnotationDataList, GetSelectedAnnotationList, CreateAnnotation, UpdateAnnotation, DeleteAnnotations, ChangeAnnotationPosition.

  • New events: OnAnnotationSelected, OnAnnotationDeselected, OnAnnotationCreated, OnAnnotationMoved, OnAnnotationResized, OnAnnotationTextChanged.

2.0 (2/22/2011)


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and above supported.

  • Added support for running under any CPU (x86-32bit; x64-64bit). Under x86, all 32-bit drivers can be found. Under x64, 64-bit drivers can be found and used.

  • Added PDFPageSize property to set the page size of PDF files. All page size values listed in DWTPDFPageSize are supported.

  • Added properties to set the PDF margins: PDFMarginBottom, PDFMarginLeft, PDFMarginRight, PDFMarginTop.

  • Optimized the zoom feature: smoother transformation when zooming in/out an image.

  • Added methods to save the settings of the user interface of the source: SaveCustomDSData, SaveCustomDSDataEx.

  • Added methods to restore the saved settings of the user interface: LoadCustomDSData, LoadCustomDSDataEx.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

1.0.1 (3/9/2010)


  • Improved PDF compatibility.

1.0 (1/20/2010)


  • Dynamic .NET TWAIN 1.0 released!

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