Use Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for Reading Driver’s Licenses

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According to the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) specification, PDF417 symbology is used for storing personal information on US driver’s licenses. It comprises critical information about the cardholder, such as their name, gender, date of birth, height, etc. Many organizations, both government and private, use the driver’s license for identification purposes and age verification.

Barcode recognition technology is considered more accurate and cost-effective than OCR for extracting data. Because the driver’s license is widely accepted as a form of identification in different areas and is considered the primary method of identification in countries like the US, it is imperative to use a barcode reader that accurately reads and extracts the data.

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Cross-platform and Cross-device Support

Dynamsoft Barcode SDK is designed to read barcodes from a variety of platforms and devices. Below are some of the ways you can use the barcode SDK for reading the information on driver’s licenses.

Scan documents and read driver’s license with Dynamic Web TWAIN

Scan documents and read driver’s license synchronously

Working together with Dynamic Web TWAIN, the barcode reader add-on allows you to scan a picture of a US driver’s license from a document scanner and extract data from the barcode.

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Decode PDF417 from cameras in a web application

Decode PDF417 from cameras in a web application on mobile and desktop devices

Dynamsoft JavaScript Barcode SDK provides high-performance barcode scanning functionality to web developers. It also offers built-in camera module APIs, making the process of creating an HTML5 barcode reader with cameras extremely convenient.

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Read driver’s licenses in mobile App

Read driver’s licenses in Android and iOS native applications

With Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK for iOS and Android, developers can easily create a barcode reader app to extract information from PDF417 codes on driver’s licenses.

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A snippet of parsed PDF417 values is shown below:

First Name
Given Name
Middle Name or Initial
Middle Name
Mailing Street Address1
Mailing Street Address2
Mailing City
Mailing Jurisdiction Code
Mailing Postal Code


Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is capable of quickly decoding PDF417 barcode symbology. Once decoded, a parser is required to convert the information contained in the barcode into human-readable formats.

The parser breaks down the decoded PDF417 values into field-value pairs, such as cardholder’s name, eye color, height, date of birth, etc.

Case Studies

  • Millennial Vision, Inc.
  • VALID USA, Inc

Millennial Vision, Inc. (MVi) is known for providing enterprise content management and document management solutions to credit unions and various financial institutions across the United States and the Caribbean. While looking for a robust barcode reader SDK, MVi tried Dynamsoft Barcode SDK and selected it for its simplicity, power, and cost-effectiveness.

Our barcode reader SDK helps MVi scan PDF417 barcodes from driver’s licenses and further use the extracted data to auto-populate metadata fields for financial institution forms and applications.

Another essential factor in MVi’s decision to choose Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK was the time to market. With DBR, they saved a lot of time that would have been required to develop a barcode reader solution in-house.

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Millennial Vision uses Dynamsoft Barcode Reader to read driver’s licenses

VALID USA, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of its Brazilian parent company VALID S.A, was looking for an image capture software development kit (SDK) for its popular product, WebLink ID. WebLink ID is an enrolment, credentials, and application management web app. The application is used for issuing mass student IDs, transit cards, access control cards, ID documents, and state driver’s licenses. Thus, document scanning/image capture capabilities were a requirement for the software. But, VALID did not want to build this capability from scratch in order to focus on its core expertise.

After trying and testing many products, VALID chose Dynamsoft's ImageCapture Suite SDK, which helped them shorten time to market and build better software.

Today, the application is used by thousands of workers to capture millions of images annually in diverse environments. Some of these are K-12 and higher education institutions, US state governments, the public transit industry, and many other vertical markets that require photo identification.

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VALID chooses Dynamsoft's SDK to market and build better software