Localize and Extract Key Data from Specified Region using OCR

Enterprise-Ready Text Detection and Recognition SDK

Dynamsoft Label Recognizer SDK uses OCR to read alphanumeric characters and standard symbols from images with varying background colours, fonts, or text sizes. Unlike traditional OCR, our label recognizer is designed to parse text that does not follow natural language rules. Dynamsoft Label Recognizer can be customized for specific character and symbol patterns such as ID cards, inventory labels, price tags, automotive VIN codes and license plates.

OCR Comparison
Dynamsoft Label Recognition
Document OCR
Optimized for recognition of

Sparse and short text, sometimes random numbers and chars for machines to read

Dense text, mostly natural language


Images such as pricing labels, ID cards, tags

Full-page documents


Extract meaningful data that are structured and semi-structured

Convert image to text for archive and search


Use reference regions to locate the meaningful text, such as, below a barcode, or, within a yellow rectangle

All texts in the doc are of interest


Customized regex to ensure accuracy

Grammatically interprets and analyzes phrases by using a dictionary to improve accuracy

Exceptional Customizability

Get more out of your images.

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  • Specify an area to OCR texts using a reference region

  • Sophisticated image pre-processing algorithms

  • Use a regular expression to improve accuracy and robustness

  • Stitch content results from neighbouring video frames

OS and Programming Language Support by Dynamsoft Label Recognizer OS and Programming Language Support by Dynamsoft Label Recognizer

OS and Programming Language Support

Dynamsoft Label Recognizer SDK supports major platforms (Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android) with its C/C++, C#, Objective-C/Swift, and Java interfaces.

OS and Programming Language Support by Dynamsoft Label Recognizer

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