Dynamsoft's MRZ Scanner SDK

A Reliable Passport Reader SDK for Web, Desktop, and Mobile Applications

Dynamsoft's MRZ Scanner SDK is designed to capture and extract user's information from machine-readable travel documents, especially passports. Its sophisticated MRZ localization and decoding algorithms provide enterprise-grade accuracy and speed. Dynamsoft's MRZ Scanner SDK delivers high performance under various usage scenarios.

Supported Platforms and Programming Languages

Dynamsoft's MRZ Scanner SDK supports multiple platforms and programming languages for mobile, desktop and web applications.

Android & iOS

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Windows & Linux

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JavaScript for Browser

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Dynamsoft's MRZ Scanner SDK Features

Achieves a Near 100% Accuracy

  • Embeds an innovative OCR engine that makes the best use of both neural networks and the traditional imaging techniques.
  • Built-in regular expression to verify the accuracy of every MRZ character.
  • Cross-checking reading algorithms running in parallel.

Sophisticated Image Pre-processing Algorithms

  • When a user points the camera to a personal identification document, the MRZ scanner SDK automatically detects the border of the passports, ID cards, visas, or driving licenses, crops, and then runs a perspective correction.

Enterprise-grade Speed and Efficiency

  • Fully utilizes the geometric features of a passport for localizing the MRZ zone.
  • Blurred image frames are auto discarded under mobile camera video scanning mode.
  • Supports batch processing when reading passport images on the server-side.

Secure and Reliable

  • On-premise data processing
  • Dynamsoft is ISO 27001 certified
  • GDPR compliant
  • HIPAA compliance

Easy Integration

  • Integrate MRZ scanning capabilities with just a few lines of code

How MRZ Reading Works on Mobile

On a smart device (phone or pad), a user turns on a video stream with from the camera, and points the camera to the identity page of the passport.

The MRZ reader software auto crops the border of the passport, recognizes the MRZ characters, and parses them into <field, value> pairs which get auto-populated to your web page or application.

The user verifies the results and saves.

FAQs about Dynamsoft's MRZ Scanner SDK

  • 1.

     Is the MRZ Scanner SDK compliant with the GDPR and CCPA?

  • The MRZ scanning process runs directly on the client device which ensures all data is on-premise. Dynamsoft does not have access to any data from your customers' side.

  • 2.

     HIPAA compliance

  • If you are working on a medical or healthcare-related app, our SDK helps you achieve HIPAA compliance with all the security measures in place.

  • 3.

     Which documents contain MRZ?

  • There are several formats of machine-readable travel documents (MRTD) that use MRZ:

    Passports (MRPs) and other TD3-size MRTD

    • TD3 size is 125.00 mm (4.921 in) wide by 88.00 mm (3.465 in) high. The machine-readable zone is 2 lines and each line is 44 characters long

    ID cards

    • ID-1 type card: TD1 size is 85.60 mm (3.370 in) wide by 53.98 mm (2.125 in) high. The machine-readable zone is 3 lines 30 digits long

    • ID-2 type card: TD2 size is 105.00 mm (4.134 in) wide by 74.00 mm (2.913 in) high. The machine-readable zone is 2 lines 36 digits long

    Visas: 2 subtypes

    • MRV-A (2 lines 44 digits long)

    • MRV-B (2 lines 36 digits long)

    Driving license

    • 1 lined MRZ

  • 4.

     What data is contained in an MRZ number?

  • Types of data that are encrypted into MRZ codes may include:

    • Full name*

    • Date of birth*

    • Nationality*

    • Sex*

    • Issuing country*

    • Passport number*

    • Passport expiration date*

    • Other optional data elements

  • 5.

     Responsive Customer Support

  • Available 20 hours daily and 5 days a week

    With distributed support centers located in North America and the Asia Pacific, Dynamsoft is ready to help 20 hours every day and 5 days a week.

    Various Support Channels

    • Online Chat

    • Sales Email: sales@dynamsoft.com

    • Support Email: support@dynamsoft.com

    • Phone Line: 1-604-605-5491

    • Web Meeting

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