Dynamsoft Barcode Reader in Retail

GS1 Barcodes have long been used in retail, and the possibilities for their use continue to evolve and grow. They offer many benefits including:

  • Providing better retail customer experiences with fast product lookup

  • Instantly pulling up product information, availability, and stock location to help drive more sales

  • Reducing costs and cashier wait time by allowing convenient customer self-checkout

How Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is Optimized for Retail Product Scanning

Resist Wrinkles and Deformation on Packagings

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader can read product barcodes on soft or odd-shaped packaging where the codes can be deformed or distorted. It does it accurately for precise information lookup and faster self-checkout.

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Remove Glare on Reflective Cans

Grocery stores often face issues like light glare from reflective surfaces, such as from soda pop cans, condensation build-up from frozen foods, and curved barcodes on canned goods. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is able to detect and filter out glare.

Verify Results via Accompanying Text

To ensure 100% accuracy and eliminate manual verification, automatically verify barcode results with the accompanying text that usually appears below the GS1 product barcode.

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