GS1 Composite symbology

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader version 7.2 is coming out on Sep 24th. It introduced support for GS1 composite barcode decoding, including all three types: A, B and C. In this blog post, we will look at what is composite symbology and the different types of composite barcode. What is Composite Symbology? The GS1 Composite symbology integrates both…

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v7.2 added support for DataBar

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v7.2 release date: Sep 24th In version 7.2, Dynamsoft Barcode Reader added support for several new symbologies: DataBar, Patch Code, Micro QR Code and Micro PDF417. This article gives a brief introduction to DataBar. DataBar is a family of linear symbologies used within the GS1 system. There are three types of GS1…

Automated Scanning System For Logistics ERP Application

ANGLER Technologies is a pioneering internet-solutions company with over 17 years of experience. They provide full-service e-business products, interactive media, and offshore software development. ANGLER needed to develop a web application for one of their clients ⁠— a leading warehouse and logistics solution company located in Dubai. They offer integrated services such as transportation chains…

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK v7.1 is Released


New Added automatic blurry frame filtering for the video frame decoding, reducing incorrect barcode recognition. Added three arguments for the CICM_GENERAL of ColourConversionModes to set the weights for the color conversion, providing more flexibility to deal with various kinds of backgrounds by using different weights of three colors: red, green and blue. For C/C++ –…

Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK v15.1 is Released


ADDED [HTML5 | macOS] Added 64-bit support to macOS. [HTML5 | macOS & Linux] Expanded the event OnPostTransferAsync from Windows to macOS & Linux. The method serves as the asynchronous counterpart to the existing synchronous event OnPostTransfer. Information about the transferred image is returned in the event listener. [HTML5 | macOS & Linux] Expanded the method startScan from Windows to macOS & Linux….

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