Scanning SDKs to optimize manufacturing workflows

Fast, accurate scanning from assembly to dispatch.

Barcode Reading that Excels in Factory Conditions

Manufacturing is a fast-paced, challenging environment where accuracy is crucial. Barcode scanning has been a game changer, improving efficiency throughout the production process. However, barcode scanners must perform consistently regardless of whether barcodes are tiny, slanted, etched, dirty or in low lighting. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is designed to perform in these demanding conditions.

High Performance Mobile Data Capture for Siemens Manufacturing

Dynamsoft is key to ensuring integrity of data within our system for traceability within the manufacturing process.

- Silvio Saouaf, Product Director, Siemens PLM

Mobile Data Capture for Manufacturing


Ensure Full Traceability

To attain the highest quality standards and ensure regulatory compliance, traceability is key. Barcode scanning enables a complete audit trail for every device and allows faster recalls of precise subsets if needed.

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader enables workers to scan, identify and verify every component quickly during a build, reducing errors and increasing productivity.

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is designed for reliability in factory conditions, providing fast, accurate scanning of tiny barcode labels even when awkwardly placed or in low light and dusty conditions.

Many manufacturers are migrating to mobile devices to give workers a smaller footprint and more freedom to move. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader enables fast mobile data capture on the factory floor - via native app or mobile browser.

Mobile barcode scanning

Reduce errors from manual entry

Scan tiny, angled or dark barcodes accurately

Scan part number, location & status.

Integrate with MRP, MES, ERP systems

Industry leading speed & accuracy

Track Inventory Levels in Real-time

Manufacturing leaders need end-to-end visibility of production data and inventory levels from assembly through QA to dispatch.

Barcode readers can help - scanning parts as they move through the manufacturing process, tracking part numbers, location and status and transmitting to a central database for real-time visibility. In this way, manufacturers can identify bottlenecks, reduce waste and optimize workflows.

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK enables fast, easy integration into manufacturing software for full-cycle monitoring with industry leading speed and accuracy.

Scan Inventory in Batches

Whether you’re scanning multiple identical items or several different barcodes on each item, batch scanning can save considerable time and streamline production processes.

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is optimized for scanning dozens of barcodes at once. It is also capable of reading barcodes of different shapes, sizes and orientation on an item. Our proprietary algorithm ensures that scanning only takes a fraction longer than a single barcode.

For QA inspections, batch scanning can eliminate repetitive manual scanning and automatically identify the position of any missing barcode.

For highly complex batch scanning scenarios we offer Panorama, which stitches together video frames to provide a panoramic view of large shelves or arrays of barcodes.

Scan 100+ barcodes at once

Scan & Count Inventory levels

Identify any missing barcodes

Scan fast moving barcodes

Scan dark, angled, blurred barcodes

Read DPM codes accurately

Scan Challenging Barcodes Accurately

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is known for its ability to scan accurately in the most demanding environments.

DPM (Direct Part Marking) codes are often the ultimate test of a barcode reader. Etched directly into metals or plastics, they may be difficult to read due to glare, tricky angles or lack of contrast.

In a shop floor setting, barcodes may be moving quickly on a conveyor belt and subject to blurring. Low light, dust and awkward placement are also common challenges in a factory environment. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader consistently outperforms in these conditions.

Dynamsoft has been an essential part of our mobile strategy. It’s had a strong impact on adoption with our customers who need mobile scanning.

– Silvio Saouaf,
Product Director, Siemens PLM

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