Scanning SDKs to Match the Demands of e-Commerce Logistics

Make life easier for drivers and exceed delivery expectations for customers.

Meeting Customer Demands for Faster, More Convenient Deliveries

With the unbridled growth in e-commerce, retailers and transportation companies are under intense pressure to deliver as fast as possible. This has meant sharply increased workloads for delivery drivers. Logistics companies must walk a fine line between meeting customer expectations while keeping drivers happy and keeping costs down.

Scanning barcodes and documents can help to streamline the delivery process and improve customer satisfaction. But there is no room for errors or delays. Scanning needs to be high performance and accurate every time – even when packages are awkwardly shaped or damaged in transit.

Dynamsoft's scanning SDKs have been built to perform in exactly these conditions and are quietly powering major logistics operations around the globe. Find out why.

Dynamic Web TWAIN is fast, agile, reliable, easy to use, affordable, versatile and takes minimum effort to be deployed. These are exactly all the things HTG needed to get ahead in an evolving digital workspace.

- Andrew Chung, HTG Transportation

Optimized for Global Logistics



Achieve Faster Deliveries While Reducing Costs

Last mile delivery is the ultimate challenge. It’s not enough to simply deliver. Customer satisfaction often depends on a positive interaction with the driver. Identity checks and delivery notes need to be friction free to keep customers happy and keep drivers moving.

  • Capture proof of delivery notes with smartphones.

  • Reduce errors and ensure compliance. Capture signatures quickly and easily.

  • Verify age for alcohol deliveries by scanning customer IDs.

  • Ensure delivery to the correct person by scanning Driver's Licenses (PDF417).


Use smartphones vs.
handheld scanners

Scan 500 barcodes per minute

All common 1D & 2D barcodes

Verify customer IDs



Make Life Easier for Drivers

Drivers are under intense pressure to meet delivery deadlines and cope with ever-increasing workloads. Barcode scanning and document capture need to be sub-second, accurate every time and able to deal with wrinkled, blurred or dirty barcodes.

  • Load trucks more efficiently. Scan and sort parcels by size to optimize truck loading.

  • Capture proof of delivery notes with smartphones instead of handheld scanners.

  • Enable drivers to use their BYOD smartphones without needing to supply company-owned devices.

Sort & load parcels by size

Capture PODs

Scan with smartphones

Scan damaged packages

Filter: scan one barcode type

Scan in batches


Streamlined PUDO Locations

Eliminate last mile delivery with faster, streamlined PUDO counters powered by smartphone scanning.

  • Check IDs to ensure the right person is picking up the package.

  • Capture proof that the package has been collected.

  • Speed up the returns process by scanning all package drop-offs.

  • Stay compliant by capturing documents and integrating into back-end systems.


Scan package drop-offs

Capture Proof of Collection

Scan with smartphones

Verify IDs for pick-ups

ISO 27001 and O-TTPS certified

Scan in batches

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