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We are a Canadian company specializing in computer vision developer tools. We are focused on helping developers integrate barcode scanning and document capture into web, desktop and mobile applications to streamline workflows and cut costs. Our SDKs are optimized for speed, accuracy and scale in the most rigorous enterprise settings.



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We've been powering digital transformations and driving cost savings for global financial, logistics, retail and healthcare companies for the past 0 years.

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20 Hours of Support, up to 22 Hours

20 Hours of Support, up to 22 Hours

Award Winning Support

We're renowned for our no-obligation tech support to get your POC up and running quickly. Our dedication to supporting every step of your journey has won us a Stevie Award for outstanding customer service.


0 Years in Computer Vision

We've spent 0 years honing our software and helping to shape imaging industry standards. We're an associate member of the TWAIN working group.


Flexible Licensing

Every scenario is different so we'll work with you to find licensing options that make sense for your business.


Enterprise Grade Security

Your data stays secure, encrypted and within your network. Security is a top priority. That's why we're ISO 27001 and O-TTPS certified.

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Open certified ISO

"As a result of working with Dynamsoft, IBM’s customers worldwide can now use the new web-scanning capabilities on both Windows and Mac® OS X. Once documents are scanned, they can extract information from the documents to streamline business processes and gain business insights using analytics."

- IBM Datacap Team

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